Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter 2011  
It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply 
  to be kind to others.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Open House Today for a House With a Heart

Once in a while one comes across a truly noble person with a just Cause,
a person who belongs right up there on stage with all those CNN Heroes who are
annually honored with prizes and recognition for their efforts. Beverly Bronson of
Ghar Sita Mutu is one such person, with an underfunded organization that is barely
recognized, from what I gather when I check her updates on Facebook..

Firoze Shakir, a Mumbai-based photographer and blogger is a friend from Flickr
and Facebook who requested I add Beverly Bronson, founder of Ghar Sita Mutu,
as a friend. All it took was a few lines on the website to convince me that I was witnessing
the work of an individual with a heart of gold :

Sushmita (r) and Sujita (l)  
Photo copyrights by Ghar Sita Mutu on Flickr

" Ghar Sita Mutu was founded as a charity in 2001 by Beverly Bronson,
a volunteer social worker in Nepal, when she found two abandoned brothers 
aged two and five huddled together outside their tin hut in the streets
of Kathmandu, Nepal. Unable to find anyone to care for the children, Beverly 
became their guardian and admitted them into a bleak and overcrowded hostel
attached to a small school. The boys did not thrive, and she began to dream
about starting a charity to provide a home for them and other abandoned
children that would also help support and train destitute mothers." 

Beverly is someone who gave up her life as a small antique shop owner in New York
to seek a more meaningful one as a volunteer social worker in far away Kathmandu, Nepal.

 Photo copyrights by Ghar Sita Mutu on Flickr

The only ongoing support I could offer to Beverly in my current financial situation was the
comfort of friendship and encouragement via my words and network friends, and so I put

out an 'Add as a Friend' request on Facebook.....and Voila ! Hearts burst open with words
of love and support !

Thanks to all these wonderful friends on Facebook who responded to my
request to add Beverly Bronson my Hero, as a friend. There was little hesitation
on their part or in their hearts it seems. Apologies if I've omitted any new friends
who may have joined my network in the interim between publishing this post.
Contact info is listed below.....join on Facebook and leave your comments there,
or if you wish to donate, click here

Adrienne Gonsalves of Pune, India,
CEO of PACE Communications Mumbai

Akshay Mahajan of India, 
roving Photojournalist

Alan William Roberts 
Photographer from Wales UK

Andruta Bell
Teacher in Romania

Angel Danger
from Udine, Italy

Anthony Posey
New Orleans Photographer

Benn Bell,
Photographer in New Jersey

Blank Noise in India
Organization that fights against Sexual Harassment of Women

Bridget White Kumar
International Author, Blogger, Specialty Chef based in South India

Chris Mortensen
Entrepreneur in Asheville, North Carolina

Claudia Minnalouche
International Translator and student currently in Dublin

Dale Hyde
News Media blogger/publisher

Dan Carwyn
My schoolmate from Pune, India, now in Lesmurdie, Australia

Dev Pandey Mumbai India

Diana Manning
Artist/Owner Diana Manning Studio in Argenta, Illinois

Emilys Apartmentskasiopi A 
in Kassiopi, Greece

Firoze Shakir
Barefoot blogger-street photographer from Mumbai India

Glenn Losack New York NY
Musician, Photographer, Psychiatrist and International Humanitarian

Gorgo Gorghi 
Musicologist from Palermo, Italy

Heather Rothey
Photographer/Horse Whisperer in Ogden, Utah

Heidi Anne Morris
Photographer and student in Bath UK

Isabel Quiñones Pentell 

Jagannath Mistry 
 Indian artist now in Brazil

Jasmeen Patheja
Feminist, Activist, Photographer, Blogger, Founder of Blank Noise

Jeanne Lozier
Singer-Songwriter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Jeet Thayil
Musician-Artist Mumbai India

Jennifer Naidu
Teacher-Writer Pune, India

Jitendra Hassija 
Friend from Pune, India

Jocelyne Costa

Judi Just
Photographer-Artist from Miami, Florida

Kara Sachs
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kaushik Dutta
West Bengal, India

Lievanta Evelyn Millar
Student ~ Mumbai, India

Linda Schaefer
Photographer, Author and Teacher in Ada, Oklahoma

Lisa DuBois
Photographer, Journalist, Digital Artist New York NY

Lydia Naidu
From Pune, India

Manav Sachdeva Maasoom
UNICEF, Consultant Services, Writer, Poet from New York, NY

Manoj Phulphagar

Marcel Duvoix
Author, Entrepreneur from Ypsilanti, Michigan

Mariami Nadareishvili
From Tbilisi, Georgia

Marla Miller
Registered Nurse from Hancock, Minnesota

Monica Martinelli
Linguistics Specialist from Jesi, Italy

Montana Newman

Oriah Miller
Author, Entrepreneur, Comsultant from Marina del Rey, California

Petra Cerjak from Ptuj

Prabhat Za
Photographer from Kathmandu, Nepal

Preet Soni

Régine Engel
Photographer-Artist from Strasbourg, France

Raisa Sheikh
Teacher from Pune, India

Rajesh Kumar
Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist in Mumbai, India

Rajputravel India
Travel Agent in New Delhi, India

Rama Sethu Ranga Nathan
PSG College of Technology · University of Madras, Chennai

Ramona Borthwick
Musician, Photographer, Artist, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur
from Boston, Mass.

Ray Framroze
From Goa, India

Romeo Fraioli
Photographer from Arce, Italy

Sandy Hawkins
From Niceville, Florida

Sean O'Sullivan
From Seattle, Washington

Sherrie Lovler
Calligraphy artist, Poet, Blogger

Simona Mortensen
Nursing professional from Asheville, North Carolina

Susan Marie
Nlogger, Radio Jock, Humanitarian, Talent Co-ordinator, etc. from Buffalo, New York

Tushar Naidu 
Pro Club DJ in Dubai UAE

Uwe Paschen
Environmental Engineering · Narita-shi, Chiba, Japan
Environmental and Agricultural Consultant
Valentin Arfire
 Photographer from Timisoara, Romania

Varsha Manik  from India

Ghar Sita Mutu Photos on Flickr :

Beverly's Contact Info :

  • +977 2392060116Mobile
  • 1 212.529.0832Home



Interesting story of Kathmandu orphans in this video :