Friday, April 28, 2006

You Tube from India

The best drivers you could run into....

or get run over by.

A very funny look at how people drive in india.
The rules are quite different there.
Watch the white car in the top center going against traffic.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Frank Zappa on Anti-Censorship

Dear Friend
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Thanks to Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow
I started today with FZ

Madooo bests Clapton !

CONGRATS again, Madooo!
He's done it once again - making Clapton take a
backseat on the AOL Daily Downloads of Lennon
music. WTF ?!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Liz Hurley - why not ?

British actress Elizabeth Hurley, second right, with her partner Arun Nayar,
right, arrive at the opening party of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in
Bombay, India, Monday, March 27, 2006.

Thirty Indian designers showcased their work at LFW scheduled to be held
between March 28 and April 1.

Recently Ms. Hurley announced plans to live in India part-time after she hooks
poor Mr. Nayar...

More Liz pics here

Friday, April 21, 2006

Lennon's earliest Anthology

A starry night as envisioned by a young
schoolboy named John Lennon.
Wonder if he had even heard of Van Gogh
at that age.....

A schoolbook containing some of music legend John Lennon's
earliest thoughts, drawings and poems was snapped up at
auction for 126,500 pounds (227,000 dollars, 183,000 euros).

The 10-page red exercise book, entitled "My Anthology", dates
back to when the ex-Beatle was just 12 years old and includes
an illustration of a walrus, from Lewis Carroll's poem
"The Walrus and the Carpenter".

From a Yahoo news article

The POPULATION problem

The POPULATION problem
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Opera of the Obsessed

Vinod rise01
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Original Photo by Jennifer Ward

There's a whole theory that our generation is totally self-obsessed.
To that we say, "Um, yeah." This idea is examined in two exhibits opening
today at Commerce Street Artists Warehouse. "Because the music he
constantly plays says nothing to me about my life..." is a group show
featuring various New York artists, whose photographs -- such as one of
a woman dancing in a pit of shirtless men -- and sculptures examine the media
and the joys of narcissism. Complementing the exhibit will be Vinod Hopson's
one-night show The Rise...a karaoke narrative. Hopson,* a bookish media
relations professional for DiverseWorks by day, will engage the audience in a
20-minute rock opera -- karaoke-style. Taking music from David Bowie's
classic Ziggy Stardust album, Hopson will create a story of a man who cracks
and falls into a fantasy of being a rock star. "But where most people's rock star
fantasies, whether it's singing in the shower or in the car, have them at the top
of the game," says Hopson, "this character goes through the whole thing: rise
and fall, just like in Stardust." Expect a kooky show: "My singing is bad," he says.
(Well, duh, Vinod). "So if I have the whole audience laughing, I've done my job."
Through May 3
Commerce Street Artist Warehouse, 2315 Commerce St. , Houston TX

- from Steven Devadanam at the Houston Press

* My nephew- I witnessed the show and was moved more by his passion and devotion to
the project than the video projecting behind him. An interesting approach to Bowie...
- FredMikeRudy

Da doo-doo-do ca-ca ca-ca

Hilarious Flash file !

Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Madooo wrote :

Peter and Gordon had their first official reunion concert in more than
37 years. Brought back memories... (1965-66) tuning on "Listener's Choice"
in MCC High School.... late night on a classmate's borrowed Transistor
Radio, when every one else was asleep. "World without Love" etc...

Gordon's voice is still pretty amazing. I video-taped their segment at
the request of the organizers, 'coz they needed footage for the Reunion
tour in Europe. (Strangely they did not plan to have a professional
videographer to do the needful).

Gordon wants me to send him a DVD of the performance.
We chatted. I got his address... all of which is an amazing for me. Most
of my classmates (1965-66) considered me a total jerk in Madras
(except a handful...and I have to mention the Nambiar brothers who exposed
me to this great music), and I never dreamed all this would ever be possible
in my lifetime.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Poona tomatoes

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As perfect-and purer than any engineered

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Indian Twisted Knickers

The knickers belong to Deputy Chief Minister Patil,
reacting to a couple of 'wardrobe malfunctions' :

the same man who clamped down on all dance bars

in Mumbai—has directed City Police Commissioner
A N Roy to check all video clippings of the Lakme
Fashion Show and investigate if the malfunction was
a “deliberate, indecent act.’’

Link to The indian Express article

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Lennon Condom

In a previous post we learned of the creative use of condoms
in India as reported in Little India magazine. Now from
Entertainment – Yahoo! India News

Saturday April 1, 01:33 PM we learn that
John Lennon sung song underwater through a condom!

Washington, Apr.01(ANI): Veteran singer John Lennon
reportedly sung The Beatles classic ‘Yellow Submarine’
through a condom to protect himself from an electric shock.

The legend was trying to create an underwater singing
effect and toyed with many costly and dangerous underwater
ideas at Abbey Road studios to acheive the desired result
when teenage engineer Geoff Emerick eventually suggested
him to cover the microphone with a condom.

"John wanted to be recorded underwater to simulate being
in a submarine. He was like that. He didn't realise the
implications of that. I thought to get a bottle of water
and put a microphone in the water and get him to sing to
that and then I realised there was a huge amount of
electrical current going through the microphone, "
Contactmusic quoted Geoff Emerick, as saying.

"So to protect the mic, Mal Evans (Beatles road manager)
had a condom in his bag and I put the mic in the condom
and put it in the bottle. John could've blown up because
there was 240 volts running through this thing. It was part
of some lead vocal but they never used it. I'm sure it's
somewhere," he added. (ANI)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cotton Mary

Cotton Mary (Madhur Jaffrey) helps
me make a strange discovery

An old Merchant-Ivory movie I came across on the
Sundance channel and
enjoyed just as I would any
film relating to the old
post-Raj days. I found this link
at the BBC online and was amazed by the
fact that the
film was severely criticized by of all people my
old Music
teacher from the Bishops' School, Poona.

Just a few lines from him quoted, but he is as
outspoken as he was the last time I saw him.......
would you believe1968?

If you are infuriated at the unflattering portrayal of the
Anglo-Indian women and think people are stupid enough to
believe everything they see onscreen, well then - you're either
stupider than they are or just too old to get what Merchant-Ivory