Friday, June 29, 2007

Is Amy Winehouse Scary ?

Every now and then a new female singer comes along and
blows me away with her fresh sound and genuine vocal
talent. Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Beyonce and
Jones all came from a Motown/Gospel/Blues
background and
performed incredibly well for newcomers.

So this week I'm
hooked on someone who's returned after
a three-year absence
and about whom I had no clue :
Amy Winehouse.

With a deep voice that's got the old Soul/Motown sound with

some contemporary Jazz overtones, this Jewish female from
the UK looks like she will be around for a while, which is what
I hope for. The Amy Winehouse video below is courtesy of
Brightcove and it's called 'Rehab' - a subject that's been in the
news often recently thanks to
certain celebs like Britney Spears
and Lindsay Lohan. From the looks of things, Amy seems
to be
more than familiar with this type of situation....
anyway, her singing
almost made me forget the serious subject matter of the song

But I'm scared for this woman after seeing Billie Holiday,
Garland, Liza Minelli,Janis Joplin,
Whitney and so
many other superb talents leaving fans
high and dry after
succumbing to the party lifestyle.

So why ask if Amy is scary ?
The tattoos and wafer-thin arms and legs on the left (click on pic)

scare me because it's a newer, post-' Rehab ' image and perhaps
some Anorexia Rehab may be in order.....
hope you enjoy the
music as much as I did.

Her great-looking Official site here

Monday, June 25, 2007

La Vie En Rose

Title Thumbnail

La Vie En Rose tells the true tale of legendary French street
singer Edith Piaf. Partially blinded and deaf during her early
childhood, raised in a brothel owned by her father, and pregnant
by the age of 16, she insisted on singing not for the love of
money but as an emotional outlet. Ultimately her uncanny voice
and passionate style made her an international superstar from
Paris to Broadway in New York.

While the music may not be to everyone's taste since it covers
two World Wars, a story like this is one for all generations and
early reactions to this film all indicate Oscar buzz.

La Vie En Rose - Trailer, now playing on

and beolw is the real Edith Piaf on YouTube

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Web Minus Radio

A few days ago I wrote in glowing terms of
and the amazing amount of Radio stations available for PC users
to listen to while they work. That stream of consciousness led me
to this article in my Inbox from WebProNews Staff writer
Jason Lee Miller entitled The Day the Web Goes Silent :

Not a moment of silence, but a full day of silence is planned by
US-based webcasters, lots of them, in protest of the Copyright
Royalty Board's increase in royalty rates. Internet radio stations
argue the rate hikes are disproportionate and will shut down the
entire Web radio industry. Next Tuesday, June 26, thousands of US
webcasters will go silent, including big names like Yahoo, Rhapsody,
MTVOnline, and Pandora, as well as more local offerings like and RadioMilwaukee. Some
will cut off their streams entirely while others will play
ocean sounds, or similar fare with periodic public service
of what is happening."The arbitrary and drastic rate
increases set by the
Copyright Royalty Board on March 2nd threaten
the very livelihood of
thousands of webcasters and their millions of
throughout the country," said Jake Ward, a spokesperson for
SaveNetRadio Coalition.

The campaign to save Internet radio - a genuine grassroots
movement comprised of hundreds of thousands of webcasters,
and independent labels, and Net radio listeners - has quickly
brought this issue to the national forefront and the halls of
Congress, but there is still more to be done before the
approaching deadline of July 15th."On Tuesday, thousands of
webcasters will call on their millions
of listeners to join the fight to
save Internet radio and contact
their Congressional representatives to
ask for their support of the
Internet Radio Equality Act."After July 15,
the CRB plans to impose its new rates, a policy that
is retroactive,
requiring Net radio providers pay the new rates for
the previous 17
months as well.

The complete list on Internet radio stations participating
in the
Day of Silence are as follows:
Yahoo! WPNA (Oak Park, IL),

Live365 stations, 60's Chicks Radio/Seasons & Rhapsody,
Celebrations Radio,
MTV Online, STAR 107.9,
AccuRadio, WRPS/WebRadioPugetSound,
KCRW (Santa Monica, CA), Puregold Rock 'N Roll,
Pandora, NeverEndingWonder Radio, Radioio, RadioMilwaukee,
DigitallyImported, BAGeL Radio, RadioParadise, Gotradio/100hitz,
3WK, KDUN (Reedsport, OR), myMVY,,
Wizard Radio, KQLZ (Los Angeles, CA), Born Again Radio,
KXPR/KXJZ (Sacramento, CA),, NiceNoise.Net,, BlackLight Radio, WGLI (Bablylon, NY), Pure Pop 24/7,
WMUK (Kalamazoo, MI), Smooth Jazz and More, Head-On Radio
Network, Reggae Nostalgia,
Zecom/Gemz Radio,
WCH Radio/The Wave,
monkeygrip music cafe,
WYGS Southern Gospel Radio
KFCF (Fresno, CA), Network,,
Blue Power/Guitar Speak, etc.

That's a lot of people losing a lot of jobs and a lot of listeners
losing a lot of good Music, News and Talk shows.
Go ahead and enjoy Free web radio NOW because on June 26th
you might be listening to....silence ?

Talvin Singh on French TV

Superstars jamming :
Talvin Singh

meets Angelique Kidjo

and Nile Rodgers
and they make a nice mix, especially Talvin

Watch video :

Friday, June 22, 2007

FURTADOS in my Inbox

A few decades late, now in my Inbox -
A Classified ad that I would have appreciated back
in the days when I was a struggling guitarist in Pune**

click to enlarge this pic from my Flickr

Musicians ... EARN while you PRACTICE!
Vacancies :

Post : Pianist
Profile : The candidate should Know how to play a Piano.
Location : Pune
Post : Guitarist
Profile : The candidate should know how to play a guitar.
Location : Pune
Post : Drummer
Profile : The candidate should know how to play a drum set.
Location : Pune
Post : Sales Executive
Profile: The candidate should have prior working exposure in the Retail stores.
Exp: 1+ years
Location : Pune
Post : Cashier
Profile : The candidate should have prior working exposure
in the similar profile in the Retail stores.
Exp : 1+ years
Interested candidates please visit ,
to send your resumes.
Please spread the word and refer your friends who would
be interested in any of the above mentioned profiles.
**' I Hope that someone gets my message in a bottle '

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Radio Dazed, Not Confused

When I work on the Virtual Poona Blog I have to stop
watching TV and all the video clips and Movies available online.
Sometimes I'm just too bored with the 200+ CDs in my collection
and long for some good new spontaneous music that suits my mood.
That's where Radio Tower comes in. With just a couple of clicks
I'm listening to great music in the background while I'm blogging.
I can pick music either by category or country or station, and with
over 1400 stations to choose from, my search for live streaming
radio is over.

Thanks to Radio Tower, I discovered this station that covers Classic
Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R-n-B and offers lots of Games and more :
The #1 Internet Radio Network broadcasting live
from New York City, with a unique variety and
blend of creative Artists and music."
Give it a try if you have recent versions of
Windows Media Player or Real Player and a fast connection.

Now that's just ONE station I discovered from over 1400 available....

One.Org : A 9,558-way Call

Dear Fred,

I want to thank all of you who joined me, Senators Bill Frist and
Tom Daschle,
Ben Affleck and 9,558 ONE members last week for
the conference call that launched ONE Vote '08, an unprecedented
campaign to engage presidential candidates and voters on the issues of extreme
poverty and global disease.

For those of you that missed it, we put a recording of the call online.

The real power, the real energy, the real momentum of ONE Vote '08 is going
to come from people all over the country, in their homes, in their communities,
showing up at debates and events, making phone calls, writing letters to the
editors of their newspapers and talking to the candidates. ONE Vote '08 is in
your hands.
Whether or not this campaign succeeds will depend on you!

Link to Video :

Last Monday, in Washington, DC, hundreds of you came out to show your support
at a launch event that was standing room only. I said there that Americans are
compassionate people and with a clear call to action, we can unite the country to
tell the next President that saving children and families from hunger and
preventable disease will build our national security and is the right thing to do.
That's why I am confident that over the next 18 months your collective voice will
inspire moral leadership from our Presidential candidates and change the lives
of millions for the better.

So when a candidate is coming to your town, toss on a ONE t-shirt and
go ask them
what their plan is to make poverty history. When the
candidates aren't in your area, you can still take action by spreading the word
about ONE Vote '08, and engaging the candidates online.

To help do all of this, the ONE team has put together a new website - where they are building the tools you need to take action.
You'll also find a detailed presidential policy platform there, outlining what we are
asking of the candidates, and our launch video from other ONE supporters like
Tom Brady, Don Cheadle and Matt Damon.

ONE members have built a nationwide, grassroots network that has changed the
direction of American policy and shown that the poorest nations of Africa and the
developing world are an opportunity for great American leadership. ONE Vote '08
is your opportunity to engage the Presidential candidates and ask them what they
are going to do to end extreme global poverty. Working together as ONE, we'll make
sure that the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - no matter who wins in
November 2008 - is a strong ally in the fight to save lives and secure our future.

Thank you,

Susan McCue,



Monday, June 18, 2007

The Camel Pose

So I reached for my pack of Camel cigarettes, pulled
one out and let it dangle in my mouth, then assumed
the slouching pose of the animal formally known as
the Camel
and clicked 'Play'. What ??!!

But seriously....

here's Yoga Direct from

Instructor Mia shows you how to show off in Yoga class
with The Camel Pose.

From My Inbox : RealAge Tips

3 Ways to Lick the Salt Habit
Is your blood pressure just a little high? Taste your food before
you salt it. Seems that letting go of the shaker provides big
benefits not just for people with high blood pressure but also
for . . . Read more.

Sad and Old: It Ain't So
We may lose our hair, not hear as well, and get more wrinkles
-- but we'll have big smiles on our faces. It turns out that growing
older isn't . . . Read more.

Tune In to Dinner Time
Are SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer sabotaging
your child's eating habits? If he or she is seeing too much of those
characters, then perhaps so. Too much TV is associated with
. . . Read more.


Originally published on 06/18/2007.

Forever Young At Heart

By the time you read this post, some of the folks in this story
may be breathing their last. Strange but true, and a story that
bears mention wherever music is appreciated and Seniors
respected. Which should be everywhere.

"These gyrating geriatrics travel around the world
belting out rock classics and garnering rave reviews"
—Time Magazine, June 2005

Consider this : their repertoire includes songs from
The Rolling Stones,
Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay,
the 'Godfather Of Soul' James Brown and
Led Zep.
Yep. You've never heard cover versions like this.

From their humdrum daily existence in an Adult Care facility
Northampton, Massachusetts, since 1982 these spunky
Seniors have traveled and entertained folks in the far
of the globe, and have been
the subject of countless Press
reviews, honors and even an award-winning Documentary

created especially for the UK's Channel 4.

youngatheart BBC documentary poster

Do they need more Media coverage ? In my opinion, yes.
They can never get enough Press because their
story is a part
of every human's story - the story of living life to the
regardless of age, with a sense of fun and bravado.

Official site of the Young At Heart Chorus

Young At Heart Chorus on MySpace
(with MP3 samples)

Young @ Heart Chorus charms with comedy
and pop songsThe Dartmouth, April 19, 2007
It is possible to grow old without growing boring.
read more (off-site link)

Friday, June 15, 2007

BlogCamp Pune the Day Before

The SCIT is all set to be over-run by bloggers according to
Tarun, who is spearheading the event. Get today's updates
and pics at his Blog here and stay tuned for this page in
Pune's history.

Previously on this blog

RealAge Tips of the Week June 13-15

Free content from a reliable source that focuses on body and mind
- something worth sharing with you !

RealAge Tips of the WEEK
June 13 – June 15, 2007
Say "No" to One-Night Hamburger Stands
Just one trip through the drive-through won't hurt . . . right?
True, one fast-food meal may not immediately go to your hips.
But it will hit your . . .
Read more.
Don't Skimp on Sunscreen
When it comes to sun protection, a little dab of sunscreen won't
do ya. To get the full sun protection factor (SPF) that's printed on
the bottle, you have to . . . Read more.
All About YOU: Rise with Red Pepper
Here's a little known secret for curbing your appetite: red pepper.
Red pepper, when eaten early in the day, decreases . . .
Read more.
Are money worries affecting your health? Take this financial stress quiz to find out.
Worried about your kid's weight? Schoolwork?
Mania for video games?
“Check out Good Kids, Bad Habits,” says the Washington Post.
Share the health with friends and family!

We Say Yeah !

Now playing on !

Cliff Richard and the Shadows

Check it out here:

Watch Now

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poor But Hi-Tech

Mark Sappenfield of The Christian Science Monitor
sees India as nouveau riche, where even the poor are
intent on being on the cutting edge :

"Even this reporter's housekeeper, Asha Maya Tamangi is
occasionally given to extravagance. She can nearly touch
every wall of her apartment from her bed, and when she
visits her parents in Nepal each summer, the trip involves
a four-hour flight, a 14-hour bus ride, and two days of trekking
through the Himalayas.

But when she needed to buy a mobile phone recently, simplicity
just wouldn't do. She wanted to use it to listen to the radio, to
take pictures of friends, and especially to make videos of her
parents that she could bring back to New Delhi.

So she spent $170 – almost the equivalent of two month's wages
– to get a phone far better than even her employer's."

Read the full story via Yahoo here

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Photo of the Year by Nick Ut

Associated Press photographer Nick Út earned a Pulitzer Prize
for this haunting photograph, which was also the World Press
Photo of the year 1972. He spoke about this with the BBC and
shared the grisly and horrenduous details surrounding that eighth
day of June 1972

I looked up his Wikipedia page after seeing a new image by him
on CNN, and it was sadly true. He did indeed take the photo below
on June 8th, an amazing 35 years to the day, after the prize-winning
one. Whatever else he may be up to, I see that he is still capable of
capturing the internal depth of human suffering. Too bad the human
'suffering' in this case happened to be an heiress named Paris -
getting free transportation in a squad car.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogcamp Pune Nears

Blogcamp Pune is a precious few days away and the media
finally woken up ! Here's a brief excerpt of an article in
the Indian Express :

' The increasingly internet-savvy urban India is beginning to
take this new medium of self-expression seriously, as the seeds
of an organised movement will be laid in the city next weekend.
Pune is all set to host its first blog camp at the Symbiosis Centre
for IT (SCIT) on June 16. Termed as unconference, the camp is
being organised by and for the blogging community by
Tarun Chandel, Parag Shah, Rajesh Segu, Ranjan Jha, Tushar
Gandothra and Kaushikram — all long-time bloggers.'

Link to full article here :

For more info visit the Blogcamp Pune Wiki

In pictures: Indian film awards in UK

This one's for all the readers who just happen to be
Bollywood fans...

A couple of slideshows from the BBC online
BBC Video coverage here (wmv)
and for the deep details, with more pics visit the
Bollywood Blog


Enjoy !

Saturday, June 09, 2007

From my Inbox: Real Age

This is a new scientific look at the aging process as seen on MSNBC,
CNN, and the other major US networks.
Well worth the time, besides which it may reveal a few things about
yourself which you may have chosen to
ignore. Time to face the facts !

Are you as young as you can be?

It used to be that aging was inevitable. Now you'll notice that some
people look their age, and some people don't.

Research now proves that you can look and feel younger than your
calendar age . . . without expensive products or procedures.
The secret is in how well you take care of yourself. That's where
RealAge can help.

Below are just a few of the RealAge tools that can help you look and
feel younger in as few as 90 days:

* The RealAge test -- An overall health assessment with calculation
and unlimited updates

* Personalized RealAge Plan -- A detailed Age Reduction plan to
help you feel years younger

* RealAge Tip of the Day -- Daily science-based health tips on
nutrition, fitness, supplements, weight loss, and more!

* 40+ Health Assessments -- Personalized, interactive health
assessments to help you lower your risk of disease and help you manage
current conditions

If you have any questions regarding RealAge or your RealAge profile,
don't hesitate to contact me personally. We look forward to your next visit!

Yours in good health,

Charlie Silver
CEO and Co-Founder
RealAge, Inc.

Google's Street Views Getting Existential Slants

In lieu of guest bloggers or contributors to this blog,
I've opted to publish some of the mail I receive on a daily
basis which often makes good reading for bloggers.

An Mailing
WebProNews -
Google's Street Views Getting Existential Slants

June 09, 2007

by Jason Lee Miller | Staff Writer
There hasn't been something this fascinating and disturbing
since AOL's Data Valdez. Google's Street Views feature on
its Maps service raises a lot of questions about privacy,
public domain, and humanity itself.

If we think loftily enough, we could say what's revealed through
this feature is another step in the evolution of the Web, or better,
the revolution of the Web, where humans are forced to take a
good hard, and honest, look at themselves on a level the world
just hasn't been able to before.

Hence all the nervousness. And clashing minds. Coming to grips
is never easy.

Yesterday, I reported on the Thong Girl (a little late, it looks
like - I've been on vacation), which has since been removed from
Google Maps. It's good to know that Google is at least offering
those caught in whatever inglorious act to opt out of their
surveillance. For a small fee of a slightly bruised dignity.

If you were writing fiction, there are lots of guiding maxims, all
of which limit the writer in some way, heightening his art.
Nonfiction has a different set of rules, less limiting, and the best
maxim for one in the business of making things up is "the truth is
no excuse." This means that just because it happened in real life,
it doesn't mean it's believable.

This makes fiction abstract art because, though intended to
capture some slice of human existence, it can't be too true to
reality, and can be inappropriate for examining the hard
foundation of gritty existence. Nonfiction - and pictures of humans
doing human things - transcends in that way.

And while we can make a case for the benefits of indexing this
slice of the world's information, it's most definitely time to push
Google, and all of us, to consider if that's what we really want.
Taking a good hard look at yourself, even if healthy in the long
run, just plain sucks in the grimy, stunningly honest interim.

You can blame Joe DiPasquale, founder and CEO of CollegeWikis
for the preceding digression. He lets Sonia Arrison at
TechNewsWorld in on a fascinating (and incredibly academic)
concept :

People's expectations will change. Things will become less
shocking; this is the acceleration of the acceptance of humanity.

That's nice and Pollyanna. It would be great to see that happen -
that after coming face to face with itself, after seeing all the
laugh lines, the crows' feet, the scars, the blemishes, the things
we try to cover with make up to create a better public face, we
understand, know, and like each other better.

That's a nice fiction I can crawl into and love.

But here's what's really going to happen: People are going to be
angry and shocked, judgmental of those they see on the street
doing things they think are untoward. People will be stoned,
figuratively and literally, and the smart ones will learn to pay
more attention to their upbringings. The guiding mantra will be
"if you wouldn't want your Mom to see you do it, don't do it i
public." Eventually, people may lose interest in that long, hard look.

What will be really interesting is whether the government steps in
on behalf of the public to delay or derail this collective
self-examination. The official legal stance on this, which is what
reporters (and, unfortunately, the Paparazzo) lean on, is that
photos taken in the public domain are fair game - anything you can
see outside, you can take a picture of.

Signup for free newsletters:

--- WebProNews is an publication ---

iEntry, Inc. 2549 Richmond Rd Second Floor Lexington, KY 40509

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Your Voice and ONE: Changing Politics Forever

Dear Fred,

Every day, every paper in America carries a story about the
2008 presidential election - sometimes as many as two, three,
or four in a single day.

Even more amazing is the fact that we are still eighteen months
away from Election Day!

And while the press is saturating the media with election coverage,
people are dying every single day from extreme poverty and global
disease. This global crisis can no longer be overlooked.

That's why I'm writing to you today. I need your help to bring ONE's
message to the forefront of the 2008 presidential race.

On Monday we will launch ONE Vote '08, an unprecedented national
campaign to make every 2008 presidential candidate take a clear
position on extreme poverty and global disease.

Sign up for the conference call Monday, June 11th at 7:30 pm eastern
We are just days away from launching an aggressive field effort,
placing ads on the air, and launching a new website that will track the
'08 candidates on the ground and on the issues like AIDS, malaria,
access to clean water, and universal basic education.
But to reach the
widest audience possible, we need to tap in the power of the ONE

I need you to share your vision for an America that leads the global
fight to end extreme poverty and disease.
So on Monday I'll be
kicking-off ONE Vote '08 by hosting a conference call with Senator
Tom Daschle, Senator Bill Frist, and you.

Sign up for the conference call Monday, June 11th at 7:30 pm eastern
We'll start the call by discussing campaign strategy, and then
quickly open up the floor for your questions and to hear your thoughts.

We've anticipated a huge response, so we lined up some powerful
technology for the occasion. Instead of having to dial into the call,
we'll be calling you. That's right, no dial-in number and no time to keep
track of. Just follow the link below and we'll call you at 7:30 pm eastern
time on the 11th.

Sign up with your phone number to join-in on this conference

Our efforts on behalf of the world's poorest people to raise awareness
and spur our leaders to action have saved millions of lives. Taking our
campaign to the 2008 presidential race means taking our fight against
extreme poverty to an entirely new level.
Together, we will ensure that -
no matter who ends up being elected president - the next leader of the
free world will be a leader in eradicating poverty and global disease.

I look forward to hearing from you on Monday.

Thank you, Susan McCue,

| ABOUT - for young 'uns

Poora Poona™ partners with to introduce an interactive
quotient to PP's website.

Visitors can use this new feature, Rediff Q&A, on the website to post
their queries, respond to queries posted by other users and
participate in exciting features like Hall of Fame. This will help
people connect with each other and share their knowledge.

Click on the link below, to read more on how will this benefit the
youth of Pune.

To subscribe to the magazine, e-mail to Editor at with subject as "Subscribe Me".

For more information, visit


Poora Poona™ is Pune's First youth magazine, which is published,
printed and distributed in Pune.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CompUSA : End of Story ?

A prime example of the power of the people using the
and why it's so important to get involved via
comments and
posts on blogs and websites.....

In fairness to all parties, this is an update to the CompUSA
story** that created a
webstorm to the extent that "CompUSA
says it is sending
Terry Heaton a $300 gift certificate after his
buying an empty box there. I would have hoped
for an actual
camera, but Terry seems cool with going to a
buying one again. (You can bet he’ll look in
the box.) The story
caught fire on the web, and CompUSA noticed...."

**Link to earlier post here

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Globalization Special from DW-WORLD.DE

Hello DW-WORLD.DE Readers!

We here at DW-WORLD.DE are proud to announce a new
online special called "Globalization - The Interconnected World."

The Group of Eight (G8) summit of leading industrialized countries
begins on Wednesday in Heiligendamm, Germany. With globalization
at the top of the itinerary, DW-WORLD.DE is examining some of the
key issues that will be discussed.

Here are just a few of the features of "Globalization - The
Interconnected World":

* The interactive special makes use of audio and visual material,
guest commentaries as well as a mobile blog to look at an array of
globalization topics ranging from technology and aid payments to a
profile of the anti-globalization movement who will be protesting at
the event.

* See what everyone from the President of Brazil to a Chinese
housewife had to say about the role of the G8 then add your own
opinion to "The G8 and Me: A Personal Look at Globalization".

* Our interactive feature 'A Global Car' shows just how global
Germany's most popular car really is by mapping out the Volkswagen

* Exclusive reports from the summit tracking events as they happen.

Of course, we'll also have plenty of up-to-the-minute news,
background and analysis of the news coming out of the summit.

It's all at



"Globalization - The Interconnected World" is a collaboration
between DW-WORLD.DE and Coverage will be
available in all eight languages of DW-WORLD.DE.

More information about DW-WORLD:

Copyright Deutsche Welle 2007

An excellent article about the Globalization of Blogging is here

Monday, June 04, 2007

Comp USA : Buyer Beware !

An Electronics Retailer here in the U.S. is getting some bad
press and lots of Diggs for selling an empty box and refusing to
give a refund based on the 'All Sales Final' statement.

Here's the comment I posted in response :

#87 Fred | June 4th, 2007 at 8:37 pm
Terry Heaton went on a spending spree in a store with a poor
reputation, period. As a person with enough smarts to hold an
R&D position, he needs to do a bit more research before he goes

shopping. I can’t afford to go shopping for electronics but I
certainly do my homework even if it’s for blank DVDs. There is
a reason eBay provides the details of the seller’s NEG and POS
comments and the Buyer Beware tutorials : so you don’t fall into
that grey area where ‘all sales are final’ takes on more meaning
than the item you purchased. It’s almost like owning stock from
Enron, there’s just an empty box….

Sunday, June 03, 2007

IHT: Bygone Iran Slideshow

Here's an interesting slideshow from the International
Herald Tribune that shows Iran from the days when the King
was a camera buff and a patron of the art of Photography.
Thanks to his patronage we get a rare and different view of Iran,
including portraits of his attractive hairy harem honeys ;-)

Got me thinking about Frida Kahlo again....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Free DivX Pro Download

High Quality but not a resource hog, DivX puts your video viewing
creation on a superior audio/visual platform. After downloading
the Free version I'm really glad I made the move from WM Player.
Try it and you'll be converted. Limited time offer, so get it now !

From: Friends of DivX <>
Sent: Friday, June 1, 2007 7:27:54 PM
Free DivX Pro Download **

Hey There,

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DivX Pro

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To receive the free DivX Pro serial number, just download
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the page…

** Also, depending on the response this will only be
available for a few days.

That's it! Enjoy DivX Pro!

Download DivX

Contact : frdmill.2005(at)blogger(dot)com

Classic FM TV from Europe

Music videos with a Classic flavor are showcased here in
upbeat contemporary fashion, often using Electronica/

Trance/Dancemix ambient backgrounds and therefore
accessible to the younger generation. Madonna videos
interspersed between traditional Classical symphonies
Italian operatic vocalists. Definitely a different path from
what Americans are following, and a breath of fresh air

Click here to watch the Classic FM TV Channel:

Check out the rest of the Live TV Streams from all over
the globe brought to you by
Incredible amount of channels to choose from !