Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dustedoff Has Published my Pardesi Story

Saturating the Blogosphere and is a link for all my non-Facebook
friends. I recently provided the Dustedoff Blog owner with the true story of 
the scenes behind the making of 'Pardesi' an Indo-Soviet film from the '50s,
Sam Millar's Pardesi poster2
a film that I had a tiny part in....tiny in terms of the total time that I appear 
on-screen, but not that tiny when you consider that I spent those few on-
screen moments with Russian actor Oleg Strizhenov the lead person in the
film. Here Oleg portrays the legendary Afanasy Nikitin, Russia's greatest 
Merchant-Explorer, whose travelogue 'Journey Beyond Three Seas' 
served as material for the film's screenplay.

Unfortunately there is no decent copy of the film available for purchase.
That is indeed a pity, because not archiving or re-releasing this Filmfare 
Award Winner and  Nominee for the Golden Palm Award at Cannes reflects 
very poorly on India's present-day values. Old is not always gold, and thanks to
the Dustedoff blog, attempts to examine and evaluate cinematic hits and misses
are a consolation.

Fri, October 22, 2010 11:57:55 AM
[New post] The Pardesi Extra's Story
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The Pardesi Extra's Story

Earlier this month, this blog hosted a guest post by Fred Miller, son of the talented (but alas, largely uncredited) Sam Millar. Fred had promised us another post, of his reminiscences from his days with his father in the big, bad world of Hindi cinema in the 50's, and here it is: a delightful, very [...]
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Available at
Travel beyond the three seas / Khozhdenie za tri morya 

Travel beyond the three seas / Khozhdenie za tri morya 

...and Mosfilm has the film listed as 'Travel Beyond the Three Seas' 
for Download

Read my untold story


  1. Thanks again for sharing this story with your (and DustedOff's) readers. I've always been amazed at how such much effort goes into creating those onscreen moments.

  2. Thanks so much Daddy's Girl !

    It is a rare moment when someone posts a comment on anything here and so I am really glad you took the time to not only read my post, but add a few words. You are special and I'm sure your Daddy thought so too !

    Thanks so much !