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Share this : Sir Paul McCartney in the (White) House

Thank you, PBS for this video, image, and for all the great years of 
 'In Performance at the White House' series

Sir Paul McCartney received America's highest award  for Musical excellence, 
the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song last month
but it was only screened for the first time on American TV on Wed. (July 28).

The house band was rather young and featured Jack White and Dave Grohl......
not quite hitting the notes that Paul still hits at his age, but decent enough.
Speaking of rather young, the Jonas Brothers doing their tribute was excting
and lively, which thrilled the Obama girls no doubt since they are huge fans.
Highlights were definitely Emmylou Harris, Corinne Bailey Rae and a duet
between Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul with their classic 'Ebony and Ivory'

Paul McCartney - In Performance 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sound Advice for Your Business

'There is only one boss, and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads
up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same.
It's the customer!"
~ Sam Walton, Walmart

It's the 'Gap Generation', it's the Generation, it's just me. 
Working in Customer Service/Retail outlets like Hilton, Holiday Inn, Walgreens, etc.,
for over 15 years, I've seen all kinds of 'Gaps' : gaps in Communication, gaps in
Understanding, gaps in Attention Spans and gaps in relations between Customers and
those who serve them.  

The excerpt below is from an email I received today and might interest you if you
are planning to get a raise or a promotion, start a business or just trying to stay cool 
and be cool when working  with persons who are younger, and quite possibly more 
hip....and smarter. Because frankly, the future of your business rests in the hands of
Generation Y a.k.a. 'Echo Boomers'. For real ??

Here’s how to kick up your expectations of Gen Y and look at them as 
an important part of your business instead of a hindrance............
1. Recognize their intelligence.
This is a group of young people that have been eager to learn. They grew up with
technology and it is an important part of them. While the boomers are still trying
to program their VCR, the “Y” generation is watching videos on their ipods that 
they have 5,000 songs downloaded to. Harness their creativity and their knowledge 
of technology to make needed changes to your business. Request their feedback when
trying to solve business problems as they may come to the table with unconventional 
yet very smart solutions. Make sure that you acknowledge their accomplishments
publicly since this is a group that has grown up with trophies and certificates and 
awards as feedback for a job well done.
2. Recognize their impatience.
Chester calls this group, “stimulus junkies” and that title makes sense. This is a group 
of multi-taskers that can have an IM conversation with 8 people on their computer, 
text message someone else on their cell-phone, while listening to their i-pod and 
downing a burger and a Red Bull ! Lists don’t intimidate them so provide them with 
enough work to keep them busy and don’t waste time in the explanation. Be direct and 
to the point because that is how they have learned to communicate. When you hold 
a meeting, stay to the point and use visuals if you can as they have been used to 
stimulation during their learning processes.

3. Recognize what customer service means to them.
This is the area I believe businesses will struggle with the most. The Gen Y group
has been able to get whatever they want, whenever they want at lightning speed
and they don’t really see a need to be loyal to anyone. They have been used to
employees at Old Navy with headsets and roller skates to bring them whatever
they wanted while they were in the dressing room. They don’t think twice about
Googling a business and purchasing on the internet. To them, speed is a way of
life. My son has worked for McDonalds for a number of years and his experience
with giving good customer service is getting the correct order into the hands of the
customer as quickly as possible.

If you want them to build a relationship with a customer, you are going to have
to explain “why” first, and then deal with the how. The Gen Y’s don’t make eye
contact very well because they tend to be focused on screens of all sizes and not
a human face. Maybe that is why only 55 % of that age group actually likes interacting
with the customer. When you are training, try using video or web training
or even role playing to explain exactly what your customer service should look like
to your customers.

But what about Gen Y customers and what they want as far as customer service?
It’s no different from your Gen Y employees. These “customers” will probably make
very little eye contact, probably engage in very little chit chat and want to get what they
want and get out of the store in a short period of time. They won’t really care if you ask
them about their day or what they are wearing or if they have been in the store before. 
They will get frustrated very quickly if you don’t know the answer to their question 
immediately and they can smell BS a mile away and they don’t need it or want it.
As you can see, it will be even more important to educate your Gen X and Baby Boomer 
employees on how they should be greeting and treating this new customer instead of
making the assumption that they are cold, uncommunicative, young punks.
On the contrary, they are our future. This group of fresh faced young people will embrace
change, they will find the answers to curing AIDS and breast cancer, they will teach 
society how to reject prejudices and they will demand ethical behavior in business and
those they choose to do business with.

It’s not your father’s customer service strategies anymore. Frankly, it’s not your father’s 
business anymore. How will you change what you are doing to embrace the Gen Y’s in 
your business as employees and as customers? The future of all of our businesses 
rests on that answer.

Click : Anne Obarski 
~ an outstanding speaker, author and Executive Director of Merchandise Concepts,
located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Surprising Secrets of Mystery Shoppers
Surprising Secrets of Mystery Shoppers

The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--and How It's Transforming the American Economy
The Wal-Mart Effect: 
How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--
and How It's Transforming the American Economy

If Customer Satisfaction Is Important to You... 
If Customer Satisfaction Is Important to You... 

Gap Curvy denim trouser 
Gap Curvy denim trouser 


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Living the Serenity Prayer, Disclaimer Included

From my Inbox today :  

The Wisdom to Know the Difference
by Eileen Flanagan 

Image above at
graciously donated by Sherrie Lovler

To see her newest art and poetry please visit her blog:

Many of us know and love the Serenity Prayer : 
God, grant us serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can,
And wisdom to know the difference. '

Many of us spend too much time anxious about things we cannot change: 

the economy, the weather, traffic on the freeway, or people who annoy us. 
As a result, we don’t have the energy to make the most of the opportunities 
we do have. Recognizing the difference between what we can and cannot
change can help us live more peaceful and productive lives.

Acknowledge Your Conditioning

Some people have a harder time with the first line of the 
Serenity Prayer,
accepting the things they cannot change, while others have a harder time 
mustering the courage to change what they can. Often these patterns can 
be traced to family or cultural conditioning. Reflect on the messages you 
received growing up. Were you expected to be passive and submit to what 
others wanted? Were you trained to be in control, so that letting go is more 
difficult for you today? Sometimes just acknowledging your family or social 
conditioning can help you to let go of old patterns that are no longer serving you. 

Know Yourself

Many spiritual 
traditions teach that knowing yourself is a lifelong pursuit, 
but one that can help you feel more at peace with yourself and other people. 
Spending time alone—walking in the woods, meditating, or journaling—can put 
you in touch with what's really going on inside you. When you acknowledge
these feelings, you can make a conscious choice about what to accept and what
to change, rather than letting yourself be ruled by unconscious feelings.  

Pay Attention to Your Inner Voice
When you get a feeling that something isn't right, pay attention. That may be 

a sign of something you need to change. We human beings have a tremendous 
ability to deny our inner truths or talk ourselves out of making changes that 
might seem scary or difficult at first, but usually we know what is right deep down. 
Pay special attention to intuitions that persist over time or that come with 
a sense of peace and clarity. The more you pay attention to your Inner Voice, 
the more clearly it will guide you.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but many of us waste too much energy beating 

ourselves up over them. While psychologists have not agreed on one 
standard definition of wisdom, they do agree that one of the qualities 
wise people share is the ability to learn from their mistakes. When things 
don't go the way you hoped, instead of focusing on what you did wrong or
what someone else did to mess things up, think about what you might 
do differently next time.

Cultivate Optimism

Monitor your pessimistic thoughts and try to find evidence to refute them. 

Psychologists have found it is particularly helpful to censor categorical 
words like "never" from your thinking. Just because something didn't work 
out last time, that doesn't mean it won't work next time. Instead of simply
repeating positive affirmations, point out to yourself the things that you can 
do to bring a more positive result in the future. Cultivating optimism has
been shown to make it much more likely you'll be able to change the things
you can, as well as accept the things you can't.

Practice Letting Go
Life is full of opportunities to let go and trust. Practice with the little things: 
a lost earring, a flat tire, or an uncooperative toddler. In such situations, 
take a deep breath and monitor your thoughts. If you are angry or frustrated, 
don't pretend you are not. Just observe your own emotion, and then see if 
you can release it with a deep breath. For many people, Prayer helps. 
Turning a problem over to a Higher Power can bring tremendous relief.

Cultivate Community

Whether it's a religious congregation, a Twelve-Step group, or just a gang of 

really good friends, community can help us develop wisdom. We need people 
who will tell us when we're acting wimpy or pigheaded, as well as point out our 
strengths and encourage them. We also need people who will support us when 
we hit tough times and cheer for us when we succeed. If you don't have such 
support in your life, think about where you might be able to find it. If you do 
have people like that, count them among your blessings.

" Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. "
~Zora Neale Hurston

Serenity Prayer Ocean Beach Sunset Art Print Framed Poster - 16" x 20" 
Framed Poster - 16" x 20" 

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Etched Mirror - Serenity Prayer Decor - Unique Serenity 
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Sherrie Lovler's awesome Calligraphy is available in many different
forms. I view them as Art and as gifts of lasting value :

Disclaimer : I am not a preacher or a teacher -
just an ordinary creature 
wanting to share 
with someone out there
the good and the bad
the happy, the sad ;

the dirty, the clean
sometimes the in-between ;
the things that impress me
from time to time
the inspiring, the funny,
the ridiculous, the sublime.
So read and enjoy 
and share if you can
if you don't, it won't matter
~ to me, I'm The Man !

At least that's what they keep saying to me.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glenn Losack the Photographer-Musician-Humanitarian-Philanthropist-Physician Sings a Song of Love

This is for the rest of the world who aren't my friends on 
Facebookwhere I already shared it.......

Glenn Losack of NYC is not just an MD, but a man of many talents 
and raw unbridled emotions ~ someone who has conquered many 
challenges in the world ~as the Furious Physician, the Photographer, 
the Traveler-Adventurer, the Philanthrophist, the Human Rights 
Advocate, the Benefactor and more. In this instance he is finally 
revealing himself in his latest avatar ~ as a multi-instrumental 
Musician and Vocalist. He is the best friend I never met, next to
his closest friend Firoze Shakir of Mumbai, who introduced Glenn
to me online via Flickr.

If you like what you hear and see below, then read my earlier post
on Glenn entitled 'The Furious Physician' - or visit his websiteleave 
a comment. and then check out his Flickr collection here.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Paper Jamz Amaze Me

" Growing old and growing up are two different things. 
I still haven't figured out if I want to grow up !"
~ from my Facebook Profile

The boundaries of Technological achievement have once again been redefined.Paper Jamz Guitarz Display 

When I first tried out Karaoke I marveled at the thrill for those who might have barely
an inkling of musical talent but an undying lust for the world that Rock stars inhabit.

Then along came Guitar Hero and broadened the Wannabe arena. Hordes of children
- and adults - of all ages blasted their electronic gadgets all the way to the Regional and
Internationals, with huge Prizes at stake. It was possible to behave, look and have money
and fans with simple technological assistance. Of course physical body movements were
essential to create the total Rockstar package.

But not everyone has the resources to indulge oneself on expensive toys like
Rock Band,
which has the blessings of surviving Beatles Ringo and Paul. So I was really fascinated

in my own childish way when I came upon the most unlikely Guitar I had ever imagined.
Part of a new array of musical instruments called
'Paper Jamz' this guitar is as slim as
a DVD case and almost as lightweight. But it certainly packs a world of goodness for kids
and adults alike. I immediately went hunting for details on the internet, and found some
impressive links and videos which contained really useful info for aspiring Guitarists and
curious nerds (present company included). This is no toy of the moment I think, since it
presents a certain small challenge to even an experienced player like myself. At $24.99
it is the cheapest functioning guitar while also offering a decent if not downright attractive
range of instruments styled along the legendary classics like the
Fender Strat, Gibson 
Les Paul and SG and a Flying V
among others.

Yes, I just found joy - I'm as happy as a little boy with another brand-new choo-choo toy......
but seriously, its greatest drawback is that it runs on 3 AAA Batteries that will die pretty
soon and constantly replacing them will soon cost more than this initial $24.99 guitar/toy.
Not very eco-conscious, although I must commend the creators on their choice of Paper

for the body construction. Watch the Video and see how easy it is
for me to salivate like a teenager in love with his first
ITunes player.

See some related pics on my Flickr set

Check out the really neat Paper Jamz website filled with videos, tutorials, ordering info
and more

WowWee Paper Jamz Instant Rock Star Guitar - Guitars Devil Swirl

Saturday, July 03, 2010

To Realize.....

Beautiful thoughts in an email from a friend in Wales......

Pic Uploaded by punk rock prom queen on 21 Jul 08, 9.13AM CDT.

To realize the value of ten years :
Ask a newly-divorced couple.

To realize the value of four years :
Ask a graduate. 

To realize the value of one year :
Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize The value of nine months :
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize the value of one month :
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby....

To realize the value of one week :
Ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one minute :

Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one second :

Ask a person who has survived an accident. 

To realize the value of a sister/brother :
Ask someone who doesn't have one.

To realize the value of a friend or family member :

Time waits for no one ! 

Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even
more when you can share it with someone special.

(Thanks Lea, for the lovely pic !)

The Time Value of Life: Why Time is More Valuable than Money 

Ultimate Love Songs Collection - Lean on Me { Time Life } { Various Artists }