Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What is XING ?

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Sorry, XING is not Xiao's last name.......

Are you looking to network socially but on a
slightly more refined and mature level than MySpace,
Facebook and their kin ? Then check out XING,
which was the first web2.0
company to go public.
These folk work hard and mingle equally hard
all over
the globe, from Europe to Dubai to the USA.
Photographic evidence like the Oktoberfest one above
may be viewed on Flickr,
but does not necessarily
represent the total scope of
Their Mission :
'XING is committed to powering relationships based

on trust for all professional people. Based on the
theory that “No two people are more than six degrees
apart”, XING enables members to grow their trusted
network by making their contacts’ contacts visible
to them.'

With XING you can:

• Find decision makers and experts fast
• Open doors to thousands of companies
• See your contacts' contacts
• Market yourself in a professional context
• Open up new sales channels
• Find old student friends and former colleagues
• Let other people find you
• Manage and expand your network

I didn't expect much going into the deal and rightly
so since I don't come from a corporate situation now.
However, the highly professional and helpful members
certainly got my vote when they actually offered
free advice on various topics related to their particular
field of expertise. Take the tour here.


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