Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buzz Aldrin Meets Snoop Dogg !

Buzz Aldrin, the iconic and legendary American Astronaut
who was
the second man on the Moon,

seems never too busy to make a public appearance or be
involved with anything in which
he's the star of the show.
Unlike the others on that historic Lunar trip,
Mr. Aldrin is not
camera-shy or introverted. He's a one-man celeb/star/agent,
engineer and businessman
all rolled up into one who takes
everything in stride. Smooth and very calm and cool even when
he's not on camera. But when he is on camera, as you'll see
after you read my story, you'll be amazed, I promise !

In 1996 I was working at the Nassau Bay Hilton in Texas

when a disheveled older man with a rather noticeable comb-over
( I was just giving up mine then ! ) and dressed in a windbreaker
softly stepped up to the Reception Desk and said he had a
reservation. He spoke so unassumingly that at first I thought he
was one of the local cab drivers who hang around Hotels in search
of late-night business. Boy, was I shocked to verify from his Credit
Card that this was Buzz Aldrin, the VIP we had been warned
about and were expecting all along ! That was one of the most
unforgettable Celeb meetings I have ever had, simply because it
was so late at night and there was no one else around except for
the two of us at the Desk. No fanfare, no lights or chaperones or

I often had to inspect the topmost floor where Mr. Aldrin had a
permanent reservation for the Penthouse Suite, a.k.a the
Honeymoon Suite, when he didn't need it and some couple did.
With a 360-degree view of Nassau Bay, it had an unbelievable
ambience and luxurious touches like a huge round sunken Jacuzzi
spa right in the center. A room that was bigger than any of the
apartments I've ever rented in my life, and one that has always been
a part of the Buzz Aldrin agenda for Houston.
Buzz was just a trainee

(see this TIME magazine slideshow here

when he joined NASA and began staying at the Hilton, he explained
to me once; he preferred the old Hilton over all the other fancy new
Hotels because it is five minutes away from the NASA/ Space Center
complex and it held so many memories of his youth.
Now his lifelong relationship with this landmark
hotel is ended, (?)
thanks to a severe hit from Hurricane Ike which created enormous
damage but still left it standing, looking like it had received a few
rounds from a nearby cannon. The lady takes many a beating and
weathers many a storm and it shows.

So that's my little true-life Buzz Aldrin tale, except - as promised -
the latest Buzz on Buzz. At age 79, I find he's taking another giant
unheard-of leap, this time into the world of.....Rap !
Alongside Snoop Doggy Dogg, no less, Buzz looks great

in the studio as he eagerly and swiftly gets into the groove
under the experienced eye of Snoop. What a concept !

Buzz Aldrin website - a must see !
Buzz Aldrin wiki

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