Monday, March 01, 2010

Holi Season !

March 1st 2010 :The Hindu Festival of Holi....followed by the days
of Rangpanchami, the festival of Colors. It's the most wonderful time of
the year..........

.....and not only for kids in India, but also for adults in the Indian diaspora - 
a time when the traditional Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated with an
abandon that often borders beyond passion, into over-zealousness.
Just like in the West during Halloween, when you get eggs thrown 
at your door, at your car and sometimes at your person, the Holi
festival can turn a bit nasty if you don't participate in some form. 
Walking past a neighborhood of revelers is akin to walking a gauntlet,
and the chances are slim you can return home unscathed or in the
same color of clothing and skin tone you started your day in.

Folklore comes into play even more than the Traditional nowadays
when trying to learn about this ancient festival. It's a time when
the food consumed is festive to the point of intoxication and the
women are allowed the additional freedom of danciing and drinking
in the streets and just being free, like their Western counterparts, 
'The Festive License' as an Guide labels it !

The Amazing Race Meets the Amazing Holi Hijinks

Here's a great BBC clip of a typical family at play during the festival

Holi from

Slideshow from The

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