Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hotness and What-not -ness

Call it Synchronicity or auto-sync or co-inky-dink or whatever
you want to call it when random events re-occur inexplicably in an
almost-connected sequence within a short period of time.
I experience this a lot, so much so that sometimes it seems to me
that I may have been touched by an Angel. But probably not.....
today, it's more likely I've been touched by a Bhut. *


March 25: I was watching the local Houston Fox News station
when I heard them mention Bhut, the world's hottest Chili Pepper.
I was thinking, yeah..... I'm in Texas, where they love their hot
and spicy Chili bowls as much as their flamin' hot Barbecue Wings
and Baby Back Ribs. But this Bhut doesn't come from Texas or
nearby Mexico, where they pride themselves on their production
and exports of Jalapenos and Habaneros. No, this red-hot Chili
Pepper that's hot as Hell thrives in the Indian subcontinent regions
of Manipur, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and each region
wants to lay their claim to fame as if they owned the copyrights to
this red devil from the Plant Genus Capsicum

But on with my synch-ed story......March 26, the next day, and my
nephew with the 'Superman' avatar sends out a Facebook message :

' Trying to get my hands on bhut chili.....Does anyone know
where I can get a hold of one of these peppers? '

' Hey ! Now that's odd......maybe he was watching the news
at the same time as I was', I said to myself.  I had no answer for
him as I saw subsequent messages saying he wanted to eat it and grow it.
Hmmm... I decided I had to find the source for Bhut in Texas so I could
watch him suffer. But before I got to my Googling for the day, three days
passed and then.....March 29.

I was killing time before the afternoon shift by watching the Travel Channel,

and there it was again....on the program called 'Extreme Destinations',
a segment featuring the TV host in the act of taking on one of the greatest
challenges he had ever faced : the Four Horsemen Burger which contains
four of the hottest chili peppers known to man, including the Bhut !
It's stupid, it's dangerous, it's excruciating and it's an insane San Antonio, 
Texas thang, as extreme as they come.

4 Horsemen Burger Challenge
Uploaded by natchezoo. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos. 

And so this post is dedicated to 'Superman' Shaheed as he devours what
could be Kryptonite of a different form....

Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce. 
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* In Hindi, the word 'Bhoot' means 'Ghost' ; Western researchers have
made the error of identifying the Bhut pepper as the 'Ghost pepper', fancifully
associating it with the Devil and the hottest destination you never want to visit, 
Hell. This is a matter of controversy and opinion for the proud growers of
Bhut in the Indian subcontinent according to wikipedia
Read all about the Bhut meaning :
and also how it's being used in India as a weapon against Terrorists 
Wilbur Scoville, scoville rating worlds hottest pepper, worlds hottest chile, chilli, chili Below is a  listing of a just a few peppers as rated on the Scoville scale.
There are many more not on the list, but none are hotter than the
Bhut Jolokia and the Red Savina Habanero.



Pure Capsaicin
1,001,304Bhut Jolokia
577,000Red Savina Habanero


Habanero, various


Thai, Chiletepin, Pepin


Tabasco; Cayenne


Chile De Arbol






Ancho; Pasilla




Bell; Pimento

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