Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Guest Post Published on Dusted Off Blog !

Dusted Off is the creation of a lady who is fascinated by 'Cinema, the way it used to be'
and is a widely read blog that I stumbled upon, while doing a Search for my Dad's work in the
Indian Film Industry during the early days of Bollywood. 

I was thrilled to find mention of a few movies that he had worked on but somewhat saddened
that the Blogger was so unaware of the details of the man who went to great lengths to try
and raise the standards of Indian Film-making. And so I left a comment in which I cited my
Dad's listing at IMDB.com and mentioned that her observations about the Costume Design
Films Directed by Mehboob Khan: Mother India, Andaz, Aan, Amar, Auratfor the film 'Aurat' 
Films Directed by Mehboob Khan: Mother India, Andaz, Aan, Amar, Aurat
were a bit disconcerting to me. The outcome of my Comment was that
I was immediately contacted by the lady Blogger, who pleaded with me
to do a Guest Post that would right the wrong she felt she had inadvertently
directed at my Father. I agreed to do so, and in the process found myself
confronting many details of my past that had been forgotten or kept private
for personal reasons.....till now. And so, if you too want to know the untold
story of the early days of Bollywood, My Dad and myself, here is the Blogger's
intro to my story that she has titled 'The Talent of Sam Millar' :

' Dilip Kumar. Mughal-e-Azam. K Asif. A very familiar poster.

But how many people know the name of the man who created this poster? The man who, in fact, created also the almost iconic Mother India poster? I didn’t, till a couple of weeks back.
Then, one day, someone named Fred Miller left a comment on my review of the Premnath-Bina Rai starrer, Aurat. Fred told me that his father Sam Millar was the Art Director and Costume Designer for Aurat, and also the man (though uncredited) behind the Mother India poster—and more. Fred not only very graciously forgave me for lambasting the costume design of Aurat, but also agreed to do a couple of guest posts.
Here is the first one.'

Read the first of my Guest Posts at Dusted Off, Comment and Share.
In the meantime, I'm busy working on a post about 'Pardesi' the Indo-Soviet
collaboration that won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The one I had a tiny part in....
real tiny !

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  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Fred, you'll be glad to know that a friend of mine read your post through my Facebook link and said he liked it "very, very much". :-)

    Yay! Now I can't wait for the Pardesi post. I think I've identified you in the film, though...