Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Unique Superman Parody

This was just too entertaining to remain unseen by fans of DC Comics' Superman
and those people worldwide who are fascinated by everything Bollywood. But this
is in no way reminiscent of the glamor and money associated with Bollywood. No, this
is an extremely low-budget creation that isn't missing any high ideals, where the creator
possesses an admirable freshness of vision and drive that cannot be ignored.

There is talent, ingenuity, small-town charm and humor in this Documentary film
from the 'Witness' series by the Al-Jazeera network :

" Far away from the glamorous film world of Mumbai, there are many enthusiasts
making films on a fraction of Bollywood's budgets. A film enthusiast in India's Malegaon
decided that it was time for some Indian parody so he bought a video camera and set
out to make a film, Superman of Malegaon."

The rest is hysterical.......22 minutes of sheer enjoyment for all ages, everywhere !


  1. This video is awesome! I truly enjoyed it, seriously, it is so great I am sharing the link to all friends of mine! I bet they like it as well!

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it....and thanks for the wonderful Converter ! I really love using it !

  3. Where the shooting? The film is very interesting,22 minutes be worth.

    1. Malegaon is a small village in India

  4. The film is very interesting,i enjoy it. 22 minutes be worth.