Monday, May 01, 2006


Normally I would have given this article a cursory glance and moved
but recently Salona, a Nepali co-worker here in Houston headed
home to Nepal on a vacation - just as the bloody revolution started.
Then this bit in the middle caught my eye :

"Every successful revolution, from Castro in Cuba to Mandela in South Africa,
has had to face symbolising the struggle - someone willing to give their life
for the revolution, someone the people on the streets will die for.

But members of the opposition leadership in Nepal are so old they can barely
walk let alone lead a revolution.

Ever since 1990, when the people of Nepal first won their democratic rights,

the same politicians time and time again have, in the eyes of many Nepalis,
let them down."

Link to BBC article by Paul Danahar
BBC South Asia bureau editor

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