Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shivaji Market Poona

Image from
Poona Cantonment Market

In the
Char Bawdi and Baba Jan Chowk area.
My old neighborhood of
Guffar Baig Street,
a.k.a. Jan Mohammed Street, a.k.a. West Street.

I lived 2 minutes away, behind India Ice Cream.
in what is now the Devika Apartments, originally 6 row
houses with a large open ' compound ' (playground).

My daily market rounds with family members were
always fun, events fresh as the produce at the stalls.
The blocks of ice on sawdust managed to make this place
feel air-conditioned year 'round. And the smells ! Fish, meat,
vegetables, baked goods, pickled preserves, illicit liquor,
Marijuana and sweat all mingling to create a heady mix, while
in the background the hawkers each used his/her own
unique vocal style to entice us. Muslim butchers, Hindu
vegetable sellers, Marwari bangle vendors and Irani

bakers all rubbed shoulders with Ayahs, Army wives, alcoholics,
perverts, Hippies, tourists, money-lenders and homeless tramps,
not to
mention the daily churchgoers from St. Xavier's Catholic
across the street.

All under the roof of the Poona Cantonment Market, erected in
1885 and still intact and fully functional in 2006.

deccanheffalump has a definite Poonaite's approach to Indian
foodblogs and she illustrates them via her wonderful collection
Flickr photos, while at the same time offering insights into the
of cooking that garners her tons of praise from the global

Here's her Blog look at Shivaji Market

It's entertaining on multiple levels and more importantly,
is an
ongoing inspiration for this blog.


  1. Fred,
    This is the best compliment I have ever received.Thank you X 200 %.
    I loved your Flick photos as well. Keeping up with the Pune rock scene through the next generation and it is as interesting.
    P.S.I loved your photo of the Poona to Lonavla and back while chilling and jamming.!

  2. Is this Freddy Miller?? Bishops School.

    Chris. Templeton.

  3. Freddy your old classmate and partner in crime, Chris !!