Thursday, July 20, 2006

3D Psychedelic Mish-Mash

I'm tripping out for to speak.
Moving to new digs tomorrow and so I'll be
offline until a new connection is established
to the 'net. Hopefully, this Blog's return will
be bigger and better.

In the meantime here's a Psychedelic hash
of images in a slideshow format that should
make your eyes pop and your vision blurry if
it isn't already. Oh, and BTW - try not to make
sense of all the rambling text portions, they'll
probably drive you nuts ! *

* "Continue with a clean clear mind melting into
the heart!"

* "Electrical sensations in the body, feelings of
magnetic force!

"Knocking On Forbidden Doors. Turn around
and you will see. Life is like a roundabout, a kind
of LSD. Turn around, have faith in all the changes.
Turn around and you will feel. No more age of
loneliness, you are a part of me."

...........WTF ? !!!**&&^%$&!!


  1. Thanks for reading ! I was just re-united with a co-worker who went home to Kathmandu for a vacation a few days before the King bowed down to pressure. She mentioned how she was stuck indoors for many days but loved the entire trip and came back healthier and re-energized.

    At some point in my twenties I was in a state of Hippie consciousness and considered trying to make a living as a musician in Kathmandu but somehow my fortunes changed and I wound up in the USA.

    I believe your writing deserves a lot of attention and so I'm adding your Blog to my Links list. I'm glad we found each other. Keep up the great work !