Saturday, July 08, 2006

Safia Fatimi : Cutting Edge

While researching links for this Virtual Poona Blog
I have found a vast array of talent displayed by
our very own Desi ladies. I have previously raved
about Ramona Borthwick and the Deccan Queen
as these women have reached uncanny heights
of performance and still maintain their innate
South Asian sensibilities.

The screenshot above belongs to the website of
photographer Safia Fatimi, the product of a Pakistani
Muslim father and a Nepali Hindu mother. Today she is
at the top of her game with a client list that includes
Sony Music, Babyface Records, Merrill Lynch, Adweek
and Rolling Stone mag to name a few. What really
got me was her online collaboration with designer
Alex Cho which resulted in an award-winning Flash site.
Breathtaking visuals combined with a simplicity bordering
on minimalism.

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