Monday, March 17, 2008

Fancy Yourself As Another John Lennon ?

If you think you've got that creative spark, that touch of genius and you're just
dying to make it in the Music business here's an unusual opportunity
that comes backed by the finest in the business. Sponsors like Gibson, Roland,
Apple, Maxell to name a few have teamed up to offer awesome prizes of
equipment, cash and major public gigs guaranteed to bring maximum exposure
for your talent. Be prepared to be educated and judged by the likes of heavy
hitters John Legend, Fergie, Al Jarreau, Bob Weir, Robin Gibb, etc.

All this is a only a small part of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
which translates into a trip on a magic bus unlike any others before. I missed
seeing the Bus when it stopped in my neighborhood ;-( Seven Clear Creek ISD
students were chosen to participate in a recording session when it rolled into
League City in Texas on March 7 2008. Houston Chronicle Slideshow here

You can take a tour of the bus here. and then after you're suitably amazed
you can enter The John Lennon Songwriting Contest by email or if you
prefer just do it online by uploading an mp3

Get rolling, the contest ends in June !!

For more info or any questions please contact the JLSC at:
1.888.884.JLSC (5572)

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