Friday, March 14, 2008

Where's Sandra? (18 min video)

An interesting bit of film that's been out for awhile and is unintentionally funny
as it conjures up the images of all those Bandra gals we loved to love, Luv !
As Director Paromita Vohra so deftly describes it:

'Where's Sandra? is a film about a stereotypical figure
of the Indian Catholic woman - Sandra from Bandra -
Bandra being a largely Christian suburb of Bombay.

At the most literal level, this film is about the
Christian women of Bombay who created a certain space for
women in general. They were the earliest women in Bombay
to enter the workforce, which was part of the reason for
the unease around them and for the sexual stereotyping
that they received.

But they also embodied a certain spirit - of fun, of
pleasure and a certain chutzpah. This generation of women
doesn't know that we owe something to them, for being out
there first where we so easily are today'.
Watch the film here

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