Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey Kids ! It's Mr. Picassohead !

Are you a budding Picasso ? No ? Well, this is your chance to go
crazy and express yourself in the style of the Master of the Abstract
just by a few drag-and-drop gestures of your mouse. Then....Voila !
You get an e-mail that says :

'A Mr. Picassohead painting has been created for you to view online.'

I tried a self-portrait and it was impressive in a primitive sort of way.
Please visit the link below
to see my painting, cruise

or make your very own Mr. Picassohead.

Plenty of good, clean fun for you - and your kids, and I highly recommend
exploring the Wikipedia page on Pablo Picasso

Mr. Picassohead
was created by Ruder Finn Interactive

Ruder Finn ... Creativity delivers.

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