Monday, June 09, 2008

Real Age Wants Us to Go Fish

Any health-savvy individual knows that Fish is equally healthy as Veggies *
and the tastiest alternative to Meat. Now a little more research has surfaced
to give us more reason to heartily indulge in our seafood cravings. I gladly share
these findings with you as a subscriber to

Fish Helps You Keep the Beat

In this ever more polluted world, sometimes you just can't avoid a little
bit of particulate matter in your lungs.

So go fish! Eating finny food not only reduces your risk for heart disease
but also may protect your heart from air-pollution-induced arrhythmias.

Taking Heart Against Pollution
Short-term exposure to small airborne particles spewed from cars,
power plants, and other industrial sources may cause an irregular
heart rate. Serious stuff, because it could open the door to heart
arrhythmias and even heart attacks in people who are over 60 or
have heart or lung diseases.
(Find out what the early warning signs of heart disease are.)

Airing Things Out
But fish could help thwart that unhealthy chain of events. A study found
that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may help alleviate those
irregular beats. That's just what happened when people over 60 who
were exposed to particulate matter took a daily fish oil supplement.
Fish oil supplements aren't for everyone, though, and should be
discussed with a doctor first.
Read up on both the benefits and risks of fish oil supplements

But most people can eat a couple servings of fish each week
without worry.

RealAge Benefit: Eating nonfried fish three times a week can make
your RealAge up to 3 years younger.

* Veggies ! Find out more


  1. Yes... fish is an important part of a heart healthy diet. Here is a great recipe to add to your repertoire: and scroll down to Baked Cod with Rice in Parchment, Florentine-Style.

    Easy to make, very delicious and very healthy!

  2. Thanks for the great recipe and the link !

  3. Thanks for the great recipe and the link !