Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mumbai Trains Are Marvelous. Simply.....

Gotta love those daily commuter trains at CST in Mumbai !
Here's a French tourist's capture from
2007 that shows some
things never change even
if it's 30 years later. Sure, it's a whole
lot cleaner, modern, organized,
digitally sync'ed and catered
to make the ride a lot more bearable....
but as long as the nation's
population remains unchecked, the seating
stays up for grabs
even with a monthly pass.
Thank goodness they have all that
'spare' seating
on top of the trains !

Here's an Indian blog that mentions an Indian entrepreneur
who came up with the ingenious idea of providing insurance
getting caught traveling without ticket. Which is not quite
the same as
ticketless travel insurance....


  1. Cutlet...Omalet...Sandwich...Chai Chai Chai Chai Chai...

  2. Thanks for commenting, Evan. I kinda knew this would catch your eye and bring back some memories.....almost 11 years later !