Monday, May 25, 2009

Recession Impressions


"What Recession ?" you might say, judging by the way the
non-essential spending goes on in the USA. Or is it that
the Recession hits different people in different ways ?
I thought the only Recession-proof industries must be the
Alcohol and Tobacco ones, even though the figures stated
that more people had quit smoking after the new Tobacco
Tax hike. That new hike didn't quite impact the latest crop
of graduates who are finding fewer jobs awaiting them out
there and have taken to smoking and drinking as they are
officially 'legal'. A whole new generation of smokers and
drinkers enter society and the endless cycle continues.
I know this to be true because part of my daily routine
involves verifying the age of Tobacco product buyers.

Those are the real facts, the prices are up and so are the
sales, especially
when the pitch now is 'Buy Two and Save'.

Alcohol remains untouched, a big seller as increasing
numbers bemoan the sorry State of the Nation while sharing
a bottle
of cheaper Wine than what they were used to. Judging
from the folks in the path of last year's
Hurricane Ike in Texas,
that's exactly what took place, as area
Supermarkets found their
sales figures for Wine surpassed all
previous records. Their
Liquor stocks were the first ones that
were depleted during those
dismal days of shortages, curfews
and long lines. Some
literally drowned while others just

Yes, big Corporations may be in Bankruptcy but against all odds
there some who are not buckling, but booming. The video below

is from the Wall Street Journal and takes a look at a Tattoo
Parlor in Willowbrook Mall, New Jersey (where I worked for

Tattoo Nation on Flickr

Fortunoff, which just folded after 25 years in business)
is beyond busy, inking devotees and Tattoo newbies

Last week I met a weary Carmax worker who got inundated
with sales during an unbelievable 8-hour shift
on a Saturday.
They sold
57 Used Cars that day, when on a normal day a
salesperson would be lucky to sell even three.

Hair and Beauty Salons and High-end Boutiques are
also reporting a rise in sales : people seem to want
to look
good in bad times, even when it comes to torn and faded

Elephant Bell in Super Loved Destroy
"While consumer spending remains woefully depressed,
expensive designer jeans have been one of the few bright
spots for manufacturers and retailers, according to
NPD Group Inc., a market research company.
~The LA Times

Gun sales are another testament to less-than-troubled times in
stores dealing in Ammo and Firearms. Spurred by fears of new
revisions in Gun Controls that could be imposed by the President
Barack Obama, sales have tripled since January.

WBZTV in Boston, Mass reports
Ryan Swist of Dighton, who says he has rifles for hunting, was
shopping for his first pistol at Bass Pro.

"Why do you want one?" Ron (salesman) asked.
"To hunt. Safety. You never know," Swist said.
"What do you mean safety?" Ron asked.
"Get robbed or something in your house...recession,
you know.
People are getting more hungry for money."

WBZTV ~Gun Sales Increase Trigger Concerns

Penn has a similar report:
Gun Store Sales Increase

Finally, my neighbor - a single Mother - took two vacations
this month, renting a Time Share cabin in the mountains....
so where's the Recession ? Certainly not in my backyard.

BTW...there is no Virtual Poona Tattoos in existence at the
time of this posting :-)

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