Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Final Act on Earth: Texting ?

Could Texting be the last thing you ever do in your final moments
here on Earth ?
Wouldn't you rather be doing something else ?

Just because you now have your new Cellphone enabled with all the
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Friendster
apps is no reason to
endanger the lives of your kids in the back
seat, your friends riding
next to you and multiple other drivers
who will be involved in head-on,
rear-end and side-impact
collisions. All thanks to your irresponsible,
stupid act of Texting while driving.

''research clearly shows that a motorist who is texting is significantly
more impaired than a motorist at the legal limit for alcohol.
No responsible motorist would drink and drive,"

Below is a Public Service Announcement from Wales that I really
hope you will take to heart. Be warned, it gets bloody gory, not as in
a Slasher flick, but more like in real-life, when fatal crashes occur.

Don't Text and Drive. Please !

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