Monday, August 03, 2009

Preet Mandir Pune In the Spotlight

UPDATED 10/21/09 to include link to photos on Flickr
submitted by Raisa Sheikh from Pune
Raisa Preet Mandir

' I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease
and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for,
to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody (to no one).'
~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The last time I visited my sister Jennifer Naidu in Pune, India
she asked my opinion about a large Sign board

that she was making for one of her neighbors, Preet Mandir.
They are a Charitable
Home for Orphans, and account for over
7 percent of Adoptions
in India. Most of these tiny unfortunates
are malnourished and
sickly and so I was really impressed that
my sister was in her own
usual, small way helping out. Then I
realized that she too, lived
with the same memories I have of
being a near-orphan if not for
three Aunts who took us in
( after my Mother passed away,
when I was barely five years old )
since my Father was unable to
cope with the loss both mentally
and financially.

The reason I brought up those sad fragments of my past is
tonight LINK TV is repeating 'A Baby Business',
a program that I
watched a few weeks ago.

In the program, they mentioned Preet Mandir had been part
of an investigation into
charges of 'wrongdoing'
related to the Adoption process. They had been blacklisted by
some adoption agencies in Sweden and the U.S. because the
were not looked after properly and the fees exorbitant.
complaints had been filed against it by parents and
agencies. But that's just one side of the story.

Here's a Quote from the Link TV page:
' Poor families are tricked into giving their children up for adoption.
One of them is an Indian father whose children were taken from
against his will. When his wife died he temporarily admitted the
children to an orphanage. What he didn’t know was that soon after
his children were adopted by a European family. '

If you are a DISH or DirectTV Network user in the USA, you're in
luck. Others
, watch the trailer and follow some of the useful related

Preet Mandir cleared :

Goanet June 2006

How YOU can help Orphans


  1. jitendra1:08 AM

    scary man ... i too heard this .. hav bin to this place once ,cant recollect clearly , i think this oragnisation maanegd by a sardarji gent .... yes they wer in the news..fro the reason mentioned above.....somehow lost track... but teher are so many organisations which are into charity ... most ofthem run by christian the "ISHA PREMA NIKETAN ",IN PUDUMJEE PARK OR "PANCHHOWD MISSION ..CHURCH OF THE HOLY NAME ,CONVENT OF ST.MARY THE VIRGIN IN INDIA" ,IN GURUWAR PETH ,DOWNTOWN PUNE CITY ,WHICH HAV AN IMPECCABLE RECORD.. HENCE STARTED VISITIN THAT PLACE.
    ref :

  2. Hot off the presses :
    Caretaker Arrested

  3. But wait !! Here is another news update !!