Friday, January 01, 2010

Aruna : DC Comics Superbad babe

Thanks to my Flickr friend itslefty and his set of Comics
scanned I came across Aruna the 'metahuman shapeshifter'
....first Indian Super-heroine from Mumbai to grace the
pages of the classic DC Comics lineup.
According to Wikipedia
she made her first appearance in 2000, making her one
of the most interesting female comic-book heroes I never
heard of.

Lefty has over 200 scans for readers and lovers of Comic-book
Graphic Art. Don't miss this set and the rest of his whimsical,
insightful stuff :

I've been hooked on this type of artwork since the
naturally impressionable age of 5, thanks to my Dad who was
the most talented Artist and person I've ever encountered.

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