Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Facebook Surprise : Poona Company !

Poona Company Cover

This is a follow-up to Poona Company : Good News which was a Blogpost
published two years ago. In that post I raved about an internationally-loved novel
by Farrukh Dhondy who attended the same school as I did and then went
on to write about his experiences growing up in our mutual hometown of
Poona/Pune in India.  I bemoaned the lack of availability of the novel even
on but since then things have changed, as I discovered.

A Facebook Group for the Bishops' School of which I am an Admin resulted
in some great contacts who shared the same loyalty and feelings to our old
Alma Mater, and fostered a new brotherhood with people I had never met,
now residing far from the old stomping grounds.  And from one of those strangers
who now works independently came a wonderful anonymous
gift in the form of the book I was so longing to read, arriving via U.K Royal Mail
with no Sender's address or info. Of course I did a bit of checking and zeroed in
on the anonymous donor but I never thanked him till now. I can never thank him
enough for opening my eyes once again to the kindness of strangers,  and for the
untold joy I experienced in reading a novel not just of my hometown but my 'hood,
my street. The experiences of the author were so vivid as to make me feel
I was back with my childhood friends and the colorful local characters. There was
schoolboy mischief, adolescent curiosity, trickery, bribery, caning, bullying and more
that unfolded as college days and adulthood brough the novel to its conclusion.

Salman Rushdie's comment on the book cover says, 'a beautiful collection, 
full of affection and an extremely funny book' and I have to agree 100%.

So.....a BIG Thank You to Hiten and Facebook for creating this meaningful moment 
in my life ! And believe me, there are other Facebook moments like this, so stay tuned !

Get the Book at Amazon now before it sells out again :

Poona Company (Lions)

Also available to purchase on Amazon Kindle 


  1. Hiten Vasa11:36 AM

    Good Fred, that this book took us to our hoods - child and neighbour -

    Me and work, you seem to have it confused . . . . I could never work in a bureaucracy, too much of a maverick. Have to dance to my own tunes.



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  3. Hiten Vasa12:35 PM

    Another batch-mate - Gautam Bambawale - is now there, after travelling through Germany, Washington, Ghungzhou.

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  5. Errors regarding Hiten's occupation fixed !