Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giving Birth Alone from One.Org

From my Inbox today........ I had to act today

Giving birth alone

From: "Awatif Altayib, ONE.org"
To: Fred Miller

Dear Fred,

When I went into labor with my first child at age 16, my delivery was extremely long
and difficult. There were no doctors or midwives in my Sudanese village and the
closest hospital was 9 hours away. After 2 days of obstructed labor, the decision was
finally made to take me to the doctor. My baby did not survive the journey, and I
developed complications that took 2 surgeries and 12 years to fix.

It's time to make sure that no future mother has to share a similar story. Join me in
asking the G8 to commit to recruiting 3.5 million healthcare workers when they meet next week.
Let’s make sure no mother ever has to give birth alone.

Petition text:
As part of a comprehensive plan to save mothers, infants and children, please ensure the G8
commits to training an additional 3.5 million healthcare workers by 2015 at the upcoming G8
meeting in Canada.

Unfortunately, my tale is a common one in Sudan. But I've seen what a difference more healthcare
workers can make. I am now one of many trained midwives in my village and I’ve dedicated my life to
sharing my story and helping other mothers like me.
Will you help by adding your name?

It could mean the difference between life and death for hundreds of thousands of women and children
around the world. My work isn’t always easy – I often travel long distances and must leave my family
for weeks at a time to make sure that mothers can safely deliver a healthy baby. But I'm determined to
help women not suffer the same fate that I did—and it's my sincere hope that you will help, too.

Thank you,

Awatif Altayib, ONE member

Subject: 3.5 million healthworkers

On June 25, the G8 countries will meet in Canada to sign onto a new initiative to help women and
children in the developing world. I just signed a petition asking the G8 to commit to recruiting and
training 3.5 million healthworkers as part of this initiative.

Each year, 8.8 million children and 300,000 women still die from preventable illness, childbirth and
pregnancy, and in many places these deaths could be prevented simply by giving these women
the support of a trained community healthworker. No mother about to give birth, or caring for a
sick child, should be without support. Please join me by signing the petition here:



An article from: International Midwifery 



  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Done! These r heart-wrenching stories and I hope doesnt repeat anytime further..

  2. Thanks Vineeta for showing you care, and I hope you will spread the word among your contacts !

  3. I sent the link to people and am going to sign

  4. tried to sign petition but it kept telling me my zip/postal code is incorrect.I have emailed them but have had no reply yet

  5. Leanne : how nice and thoughtful of you to follow up and support this ! Hope you are able to contact them on Twitter and do the sign-in that way. xox