Sunday, July 04, 2010

Paper Jamz Amaze Me

" Growing old and growing up are two different things. 
I still haven't figured out if I want to grow up !"
~ from my Facebook Profile

The boundaries of Technological achievement have once again been redefined.Paper Jamz Guitarz Display 

When I first tried out Karaoke I marveled at the thrill for those who might have barely
an inkling of musical talent but an undying lust for the world that Rock stars inhabit.

Then along came Guitar Hero and broadened the Wannabe arena. Hordes of children
- and adults - of all ages blasted their electronic gadgets all the way to the Regional and
Internationals, with huge Prizes at stake. It was possible to behave, look and have money
and fans with simple technological assistance. Of course physical body movements were
essential to create the total Rockstar package.

But not everyone has the resources to indulge oneself on expensive toys like
Rock Band,
which has the blessings of surviving Beatles Ringo and Paul. So I was really fascinated

in my own childish way when I came upon the most unlikely Guitar I had ever imagined.
Part of a new array of musical instruments called
'Paper Jamz' this guitar is as slim as
a DVD case and almost as lightweight. But it certainly packs a world of goodness for kids
and adults alike. I immediately went hunting for details on the internet, and found some
impressive links and videos which contained really useful info for aspiring Guitarists and
curious nerds (present company included). This is no toy of the moment I think, since it
presents a certain small challenge to even an experienced player like myself. At $24.99
it is the cheapest functioning guitar while also offering a decent if not downright attractive
range of instruments styled along the legendary classics like the
Fender Strat, Gibson 
Les Paul and SG and a Flying V
among others.

Yes, I just found joy - I'm as happy as a little boy with another brand-new choo-choo toy......
but seriously, its greatest drawback is that it runs on 3 AAA Batteries that will die pretty
soon and constantly replacing them will soon cost more than this initial $24.99 guitar/toy.
Not very eco-conscious, although I must commend the creators on their choice of Paper

for the body construction. Watch the Video and see how easy it is
for me to salivate like a teenager in love with his first
ITunes player.

See some related pics on my Flickr set

Check out the really neat Paper Jamz website filled with videos, tutorials, ordering info
and more

WowWee Paper Jamz Instant Rock Star Guitar - Guitars Devil Swirl


  1. Good for you Fred, love this post. Life is about staying young, that's for sure. You found something great and affordable, Live the Dream!

  2. No, I won't be plopping down even those few dollars just yet since I want more from my instrument, These guitar strings cannot be plucked....that's like telling a violinist his instrument cannot be played using a bow !

    Thanks for your visit and comments PM !

  3. awsome @#@@%$&$$$%@!#%@$^#&^#

  4. yessirrr.....thanks so much rayray$$