Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glenn Losack the Photographer-Musician-Humanitarian-Philanthropist-Physician Sings a Song of Love

This is for the rest of the world who aren't my friends on 
Facebookwhere I already shared it.......

Glenn Losack of NYC is not just an MD, but a man of many talents 
and raw unbridled emotions ~ someone who has conquered many 
challenges in the world ~as the Furious Physician, the Photographer, 
the Traveler-Adventurer, the Philanthrophist, the Human Rights 
Advocate, the Benefactor and more. In this instance he is finally 
revealing himself in his latest avatar ~ as a multi-instrumental 
Musician and Vocalist. He is the best friend I never met, next to
his closest friend Firoze Shakir of Mumbai, who introduced Glenn
to me online via Flickr.

If you like what you hear and see below, then read my earlier post
on Glenn entitled 'The Furious Physician' - or visit his websiteleave 
a comment. and then check out his Flickr collection here.

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