Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cotton Mary

Cotton Mary (Madhur Jaffrey) helps
me make a strange discovery

An old Merchant-Ivory movie I came across on the
Sundance channel and
enjoyed just as I would any
film relating to the old
post-Raj days. I found this link
at the BBC online and was amazed by the
fact that the
film was severely criticized by of all people my
old Music
teacher from the Bishops' School, Poona.

Just a few lines from him quoted, but he is as
outspoken as he was the last time I saw him.......
would you believe1968?

If you are infuriated at the unflattering portrayal of the
Anglo-Indian women and think people are stupid enough to
believe everything they see onscreen, well then - you're either
stupider than they are or just too old to get what Merchant-Ivory

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