Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Lennon Condom

In a previous post we learned of the creative use of condoms
in India as reported in Little India magazine. Now from
Entertainment – Yahoo! India News

Saturday April 1, 01:33 PM we learn that
John Lennon sung song underwater through a condom!

Washington, Apr.01(ANI): Veteran singer John Lennon
reportedly sung The Beatles classic ‘Yellow Submarine’
through a condom to protect himself from an electric shock.

The legend was trying to create an underwater singing
effect and toyed with many costly and dangerous underwater
ideas at Abbey Road studios to acheive the desired result
when teenage engineer Geoff Emerick eventually suggested
him to cover the microphone with a condom.

"John wanted to be recorded underwater to simulate being
in a submarine. He was like that. He didn't realise the
implications of that. I thought to get a bottle of water
and put a microphone in the water and get him to sing to
that and then I realised there was a huge amount of
electrical current going through the microphone, "
Contactmusic quoted Geoff Emerick, as saying.

"So to protect the mic, Mal Evans (Beatles road manager)
had a condom in his bag and I put the mic in the condom
and put it in the bottle. John could've blown up because
there was 240 volts running through this thing. It was part
of some lead vocal but they never used it. I'm sure it's
somewhere," he added. (ANI)

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