Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Madooo wrote :

Peter and Gordon had their first official reunion concert in more than
37 years. Brought back memories... (1965-66) tuning on "Listener's Choice"
in MCC High School.... late night on a classmate's borrowed Transistor
Radio, when every one else was asleep. "World without Love" etc...

Gordon's voice is still pretty amazing. I video-taped their segment at
the request of the organizers, 'coz they needed footage for the Reunion
tour in Europe. (Strangely they did not plan to have a professional
videographer to do the needful).

Gordon wants me to send him a DVD of the performance.
We chatted. I got his address... all of which is an amazing for me. Most
of my classmates (1965-66) considered me a total jerk in Madras
(except a handful...and I have to mention the Nambiar brothers who exposed
me to this great music), and I never dreamed all this would ever be possible
in my lifetime.

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