Monday, February 04, 2008

Real Age Feb Health Tips Feb 4th 2008

There are four key RealAge habits that can give you
an extra 14 years of life. Know what they are?

Here's the list: Don't smoke; drink in moderation;
exercise regularly; and pack your diet with fruit
and veggies. Missing any? No sweat. We've got
some simple tips and tools to kick-start you.

14 Years and Life to Go Grabbing those extra 14 years
doesn't have to be hard! Try this:
Four Score When healthy, middle-aged men and women in a study scored
high on all four of these important health behaviors, the combined effect was
a four-fold reduction in mortality risk -- an outcome equal to being 14 years

Update your RealAge Test today and see what else you could be
doing to add years to your life.
New Look: Tell Us What You Think!

The RealAge Web site now has a new look and feel.
Check out all the changes and then give us your feedback!

RealAge Benefit: Actively patrolling your health can make your
RealAge as much as 12 years younger.

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