Thursday, February 07, 2008

Remember Shakti ? No ? Okay !

The amount of videos that I have waiting to be
seen, edited and
shared have taken on gigantic
proportions and so once again
I apologize for the
lackluster approach to the updating
of this blog.
Still, everyday brings new insights and knowledge

which I intend to reap to your benefit. So having
said that, here's what I've been processing for
your viewing pleasure. Keep the faith. Keep the
Peace. Stay in school. Don't forget to wipe.
And other uplifting thoughts to ponder today.....

'Shakti' roughly translates from the Indian
language as "Force' or 'Power'. In this context
it refers to the band once fronted by the
guitar maestro John McLaughlin during the
early '70s. The video below is of the recent
reunions they keep having when they can.
May the 'Shakti' be with you !


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