Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ONE Campaign: Tackling the Food Crisis

E-mail update from David lane, One Campaign spokesperson

Dear Fred,

While the hunger crisis is far from over, we've already won a big victory.
In just three weeks, 137,000 ONE members have responded to front page
news of rising food prices, dropping crop yields and violent protests with
an advocacy campaign that is spurring world leaders to action.

I was so impressed by your grassroots action that I recorded a quick video
message to share some highlights and say thanks for all that ONE members
like you have done to make this campaign a success. I hope you'll check it
out by clicking on the video below.

Thank you,
David Lane,

P.S. Speaking of video, this Saturday, May 10th is Pangea Day, a global
event to bring the world together through film. You can learn more about
Pangea Day and find local broadcast times and events here:


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