Monday, May 26, 2008

Rockin' Digital Animation

A Tale of Rock
This wonderful 2007 winner by U.K. animators Stephen Payne and
John Godwin from the
University of Hertfordshire animation expose
left me delighted and amazed, even more than the first time I watched another
British animated short called 'Wallace and Grommit' - fifteen years ago.
The music, the character's emotions and funny expressions - all without the
use of any dialogue - will certainly find a place in every Rock music lover's heart.
The film is a short Short and any attempt at a Synopsis would take away
from the level of craftmanship and Rocker-savvy humor. It requires
repeated watching, in the same spirit as one's Grandma with the kids, happily
watching the 'Shrek' DVD over and over and over again. Enjoy !

Click here for the HD version

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