Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Natalie Portman-Devendra Banhart Masala

Bollywood claims another victory or victim, depending on your view.
Now it's talented Hollywood star Natalie Portman's

turn to take a stab. I think it's partly her boyfriend's fault she's getting all
mixed up, Bollywood-style in 'Carmensita'. Devendra Banhart is a
Venezuelan-American who first came to prominence in San Francisco, creating
music that perfectly reflected the local artsy mish-mash. From that cultural
stew emerged a sound and style that tangents the Blues, Brazilian pop, Acid
Folk-Rock Punk, Latin, Worldbeat and everything in between. A lot like
Bollywood's crazy-dazey take on life on another plane of consciousness.
Which is what you get in 'Carmensita'.

The way I see it, the result of her collaboration with Dev B. on this music
video has worked wonders for all concerned. By casting Natalie as
an Indian Princess her natural good looks are showcased as never before,
Devendra literally gets the girl (and her star power to boost his music project),
and Bollywood earns more buzz from international media - without being
directly involved in the project. Carmensita is weird and funny and cool and
just the kind of nutsy YouTube video you can expect me to share.

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