Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TNT Mamas via Abduction

Here's a look at the results of the Mozilla Firefox Add-on called
Abduction. I was trying to spread the word about a group of runners
in my area: TNT Mamas.Org

and their noble cause but was stumped about what to say since I had already
blogged about it on MySpace earlier

Plus, I wanted to use some pics to dress up a plain but nonetheless very
serious bit of info about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and
their connection to the Nike Women's Marathon.
Since I had just installed Abduction, no problem - all I had to do was
click on 'File' on the top left of my Browser and pick 'Save Page as Image'
and Voila ! I had not just a screenshot but a fine image saved in the
resolution of my choice. Now I had a pic that could be sent as an image/
attachment via email and the receiver could view it full size by clicking.
Click on the images above and see for yourself. It's more fun than just
sending a plain old link to a web page and your friends will love you for it.

The Official Nike Running Blog - where you can learn more about
running for a cause and other questions related to Blood Cancer.

TNT Mamas.Org
- the Clear Lake, Texas chapter of TNT
(Team In Training)
who need YOUR help to make it to San Francisco
for this year's Marathon.
If you can't donate, show some love and support
by posting a comment. It'll help them go the extra mile !

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