Monday, February 09, 2009

Abducted engineer beheaded in Pakistan

It has been a few years since the beheading of CNN's Daniel Pearl
but I am always reminded of his tragedy since he spent some time
based in my home town of Pune, India with his pregnant wife Marianne.
Some of you may have seen 'The Journalist and the Jehadi'
the documentary narrated by Christiane Amanpour and the
Angelina Jolie film it spawned called 'A Mighty Heart'
(filmed in Pune, BTW)

Daniel Pearl, a dedicated investigative reporter willingly walked into
the face of death while trying to unravel the mystery of the 9/11 attacks.
Not so Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak who worked for the Geofizyka
oil and gas exploration company. He was apparently used as barter
for the release of Taliban militant hostages.

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