Sunday, February 15, 2009

Australian Artist's Heartbreak After Bushfires

A brilliant South American-born sculptor Bruno Torfs
spent 25 years stocking Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden
in Marysville, Victoria in SW Australia.
Well over 100 of his works were on display in the rain forest.

Flickr user Ben Roberts is an Australian by birth but now
lives in the USA, and has never lost touch with his Aussie roots.
His father was one of the volunteer firefighters in Marysville,
one of the devastated areas.

On February 7, 2009 a massive bushfire destroyed the town
of Marysville, Victoria, in which Bruno's Sculpture Garden is
located. It is highly likely that Bruno's gallery and the garden
itself have also been completely destroyed.

Here's a Flash slideshow if you have a robust Broadband
connection or visit Ben Roberts' Flickr set with thumbnails.

Many thanks to my friend Dan Cowan in Perth who led me
to this story via an email.

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