Monday, February 02, 2009

King of the USA in the Works

March 20 2011 :two years later I am checking back for anything worth
remembering in this post......and I find it amusing that the 'King of the USA'
who wanted to be the 'King of Kings' is now a marked man.

"In principle, we said the ultimate is the United States
of Africa. How we proceed to that ultimate, there are
building blocks
- Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, speaking to the
BBC regarding the proposed transformation of the
into the

Well, I have a piece full of uneasy feelings about this one....,

 The BBC website is reporting that
Moammar Gadaffi has been elected as the next
African Union leader:

"The chairmanship of the African Union is a rotating
position held by heads of state for one year.
The BBC's Elizabeth Blunt in Addis Ababa says it
was the turn of North Africa to lead the bloc, and
Col Gaddafi was seen as the obvious choice.
However, some African leaders believe the Libyan
leader is too erratic to be AU chairman. Before he
arrived at the summit, he circulated a letter saying
he was coming as the king of the traditional kings
of Africa and he wanted to be seated as the king
of kings,our correspondent says"

Full BBC article on the current AU summit here
Profile of Gaddafi from the BBC here

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