Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pune on Link TV !

How shall I thank the wonderful LINK TV for bringing not one,
but a whole series of films
that use my Indian home city of
Poona/Pune as the backdrop ? By sharing the news wherever
I can, and hoping you can catch some of it soon.

The link to the series 'Indian School' opens in this way:
' What's it like to grow up in a country with the largest child labor
force in the world, an ancient caste system and a film industry
bigger than Hollywood? Over 10 episodes INDIAN SCHOOL
follows the highs and lows of the students and teachers at
Kalmadi Shamrao High School and Rewachand Bhojwani
Academy in Pune - near Mumbai, one of the world’s fastest
growing cities.'

A great way of introducing the whole world to the charming
city that I grew up in, where I earned a B.A. in English Literature
before immigrating to America at my sister's behest. I have tried
my best to survive in the USA for decades without caving in to
many a corporate bigwig. I chose instead to seek alternate methods
of survival other than chasing the American Dream, much to the
dismay of well-wishing friends and family members. What I brought
with me from Pune is the inherent Indian qualities of hard work and
brotherly love, born of humble family beginnings. Things I appreciate
increasingly as I continue to work while others of my age have
reached their goals of a comfortable retirement and grand-children
to dote on.

But enough about me.....the
point that I was trying to make is
that the person from Pune is as determined and focused as his
counterpart from Mumbai, the home of big Bollywood stars and
World Finance contenders. Mumbai's little sister might be on
the fast track to big-city success but it comes from a small-town
ethos that is at the heart of its residents, past and present.

'This fast-paced, observational documentary takes us, over
the course of a school year, into the world of India’s ‘rising
generation’. The series gets inside the skin of India’s middle
classes, exploring their dreams and anxieties in a world that
seems to be changing every day
' ~ also from the Introduction.

if the clip doesn't work for you, here's the link to the
promo for the series

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