Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Furious Physician

There are tales of despair that I thought would never darken
the pages of this little corner of mine where I share the kinder,
gentler, funnier things that visit my
consciousness in life and

And then there is this : masterful images from an extremely
talented individual who has made my acquaintance via
Flickr and Facebook, someone I now count as a friend, even
though we have never met in person.

Like a snail-mail Penpal from the days before email, I share
many interests with him such as Music, Art and the need for
a better place in this world for the folks such as he pictures
in his Flickr sets and on his website.

Visiting his photographs and pondering his words I find many
parallels in my life for I have seen a lot of the misery and
misfortune that has befallen so many of his subjects, and
have personally faced trials similar to what he mentions.

So as a small tribute to Glenn Losack, MD ( yes, he is
really a Psychiatrist ) I have taken the liberty of linking to
one of his recent works

in the hope that sharing his amazing photos will help in
spreading his message of love, compassion and
Which is what he desires, I gather.

Please visit his website and leave a comment.
and also his Flickr collection here.

My sincere thanks go to Glenn for allowing me the liberty
of uploading the small-sized picture above as a teaser for
you, the viewer. Enjoy !

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