Sunday, June 05, 2005

Virtual Poona is back !

Hello and Welcome,

former Virtual Poona Group Members and Visitors to the
Virtual Poona Blogspot !

I decided to persist in my Virtual Poona (formerly VC) Reunion
efforts and in keeping with the times I intend to go where
no sane man has gone before, and include

All Things bright and beautiful
All Creatures great and small
All Things wise and wonderful....
I'm Awaiting on You All !

There are quite a few changes this time around and so I suggest you
spend your precious time exploring all that this Blog is uncapable of,
just like I will be doing. Don't be shy or hesitant to offer:
feedback, news, pics or abuse

(what is the use
of no abuse ?
There's no excuse
for no abuse.
Why blow your fuse
when you can choose
to use
abuse ?)

that will help this, the Final Chapter (maybe) of Virtual Poona,
an unbelievably unbelievable one !

Stay tuned, I may be a little off-key.

f r e d

1 comment:

  1. Hey Guys,
    Sit your asses down and write in, this is a whole new Virtual Poona and fitting for the time and age we live in, mainly digital and sometimes you can go analog if you like. But I have noticed some or none of you guys send any stuff, 'cept for Mike, Pom,Manny and ME. So git your act together and get on with it and as the saying goes "BLOG"