Sunday, July 31, 2005

I Remember Jessica McClure

She's Fine, Her Rescuer Isn't

Jessica and Rescuer

TV News coverage of disastrous events has its way of being
connected to memories of our previous 'lives'.
In a 'previous life' in 1987 I was working in a Paramus, New Jersey
hotel that was under total renovation, so I spent approx. 7 out of 8
hours at work just watching TV at the Front Desk.
The non-stop Live coverage of Baby Jessica McClure trapped for
58 hours in a well in Midland, Texas in '87 etched its way into the
memories of American parents and viewers like myself. It really got
to me (since I had nothing better to do at work). What a surge of joy
for all of us when Jessica was rescued by that heroic policeman !
18 years later I'm now in Houston Texas as I learn of the bizarre
follow-up to this event, as reported by the Houston Chronicle via
Bob Campbell/ the Midland Reporter-telegram
P.S. This story is not without ongoing controversy and coverage

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