Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bollywood Gets Cologne-oscopy

The Bollywood machine marches on, aiming at global market
saturation. The wonderful Blogging tool
that is Technorati
tracks this and other blogs for any
mention of Bollywood and it
seems that Virtual Poona
is now unofficially a Bollywood tracker:

Posts that contain
Bollywood per day for the last 30 days.
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Okay, I acquiesce. I did it unconsciously. No, I didn't ! I need help!
But how to ignore stories like this one that documents the Bollywood
machinations inside the Agnes church, one of Cologne's most sacred
and beloved buildings ?

rom Deutsche Welle :
Cologne Does Bollywood But Not Everyone's Dancing

DW-world image

Apparently this is the tip of the iceberg for some burghers.
They are not amused or entertained, just shaken. And stirred.

Last year,
Indian film director Madusree Dutta in an interview
at the International Women's Film Festival, also in Cologne, said:

'Bollywood is killing Indian Cinema'

Previous Bollywood mentions in this blog

Like Arnold said, Ahhll be Bach.....

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