Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ferry Halim : Flash Grandmaster

First off, this link may be old news to Gamers and users
who have been on high-speed connections for a long time.
For me it was a source of hidden treaures, filled with delightful Flash
animations that I figured would keep my neice's
5 year-old son
mesmerised forever. Only as I delved deeper into the site,
away from
all the games did I realized how carefully the site was aimed
as a
diversion for the whole family. No gore or eroticism here, just
pastel backgrounds interloped with nursery-like images -
mainly animals -
as the main characters in an astonishing array of games.
For starters:
Watch the Orisinal trailer

Okay, so that was all hi-speed Flash and sound effects roaring through
your surround-sound system and it didn't quite blow
you away since you see
trailers attempting to grab your attention
all the time. Good. Now you're ready
to lay back and relax, courtesy
of Fresno, CA-based Ferry Halim, who is the
prolific twenty-something
genius behind all this. This was his output after two
years in the USA, with
no formal training in Flash animation whatsoever.
Updates are frequent so it'll
take you a long time to go through all the stuff here
- there's so much of it. Don't forget to check out his Portfolio !

Quote from a 2002 review :
'Ferry Halim -- a 28-year-old accountant from Fresno...doesn't need the latest
version of Flash for his website to stand out...Instead, Halim has created dozens
of what may be the world's most addictive video games using Flash 4.
They also may be the world's simplest.'

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