Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm Having FON

First off, what I like about having FON is I got this free WiFi router, shipped
free via FedEx, as part of a giveaway to thousands of people worldwide.
No strings attached, don't want it, give it to someone who does.
Then I was given the opportunity to 'invite' three other persons to receive
a free FON router like I did. They in turn have the same 'invite' option, and
so on, thereby helping FON maintain its status as the
largest WiFi community
in the world. The router installation was super-fast and simple and I'm using
it all the time knowing that I have a security-enabled connection. But that isn't
the only good thing about being part of the FON community........

Martin Varsavsky is the brains behind FON, founded in November 2005,
a community-empowered company dedicated to building the world’s
largest global WiFi network bottom up, spreading the power of WiFi
around the world, with one million hot spots by 2010. Fon attracted
Skype, eBay and Google as partners and quickly became the largest
WiFi community in the world.
Martin is a long-time entrepreneur,
public speaker, philantrophist
and active blogger* to boot. A resident of
the US for many
years, he now lives in Europe.

*Martin on his personal experience with US vs. French Medical Care
- a definite eye-opener for many of us.

Visit the FON page and have some fun !

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