Monday, July 02, 2007

'Amby' - India's Oldest Ambassador

Modeled after the early compact British Morris Minor
this Morris 'Major' has already outlived all the elected
Indian Ambassadors to the United Nations. Not much
has changed about it since 1957 when it first appeared
on the market, and today's LA Times has devoted a
good amount of space to examine the Ambassador in
an article called India's Ugly Icon of the Road.

As dismayed as I was by his unflattering portrayal of
the 'Amby' I had to agree with reporter Henry Chu, but
only after I stumbled upon an old bookmark about a real
Classic in the making - the Bugatti Veyron.
Here's where Auto and Web design intersect in an interactive,
, slick promo full of eye candy for car enthusiasts.
You get
a 360-degree view of your Bugatti while you pick the
color from an extensive palette with two-tone options.
You have to explore this marvelous piece of web design if
only to view/download the hi-res Wallpapers like this :

click to enlarge/save

Link to the Bugatti Veyron site

Now, which would you prefer ?

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