Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Funny Lady : Vijai Nathan

Once there was a talented and funny lady named Vijai Nathan
Stand-up comedy and knocking them out internationally.
There still is, but I just never knew about her until I came across
this video via Google. Here's a quote from an interview with
India Abroad weekly :
"Any time I asked my mom about sex,
she'd freak out. 'Vijai you don't need to know that. Its only for
Americans.' And my parents were always worried that I was
becoming too American. My Dad would say: 'So you want to wear
pants, eat cows, have minty fresh breath. That's it, you're going
back to India."

Much like the raunchy and incomparable Margaret Cho, she finds a
wealth of untapped humor in the everyday life of her Asian family,
and in her personal challenges as an American-born female of Indian

Official site

In this video entitled 'Chai Noon' : Two Indian mothers battle it out
over who has the better daughter and only one is left standing....

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