Monday, July 23, 2007

Real Age Tips July 23

RealAge Tips of the WEEK July 23 – July 24, 2007
I'll Have the Lutein Special
You know that ordering the spinach salad for lunch will boost your intake of sight-saving lutein. But there's a trendy breakfast source . . . Read more.
The New Mental Pick-Me-Up
Mentally challenging tasks require you to be "on." When your brain is stuck on "off," here's what to do: Skip the trip to the . . . Read more.
Head Off Eating Issues Early
What do picky eaters and fast eaters have in common? Both groups of kids may be at risk for suffering . . . Read more.
Pop, crack, crunch. Are your joints singing the osteoarthritis tune?
Does exercise give you heartburn?
Looking for the safest, most effective pain reliever?
Visit the RealAge First Aid Center.

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